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Despite the efforts of the clergy, reverence for nature and the old beliefs continues alongside worship in the established churches. This mod provides ancient or natural sites where villagers can worship, as an alternative to attending church. All these places act exactly as churches do, and have an attendance limit per week.

  • Sacred Spring provides both unlimited water, and space for 15 villagers to worship per week. Requires 20 stone and 10 wood. Works best on flat ground or in a depression.
  • Stone Circle allows up to 30 villagers per week to contemplate the mysteries of the universe while following the cosmic spiral to its centre. Requires 80 stone.
  • Sacred Grove contains a stone idol where up to 40 villagers per week worship. Requires 100 wood.
  • Stonehenge is a sprawling site of ancient mystery, and is still revered to this day. Up to 60 villagers can attend per week. Requires 200 stone.
  • Volcano is both feared and worshipped by many villagers. Brave villagers climb the stone-hewn steps to gaze in awe at the fires within the mountain. Requires a lot of space and 400 stone, but up to 100 villagers can worship here each week.

Items are placed rather than built, but they do require resources. These resources will be deducted from warehouses or workplaces after you place the item.

Everything except the volcano generates positive residential desirability. The volcano has a negative residential effect due to the danger of eruptions.




03.04 2021
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