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This mod provides some visual clutter for your towns, with an optional opportunity to harvest additional resources.

Each day a small percentage of villagers will throw out broken pottery, crates, chairs, stones, and broken stone bricks. These items can be left to create visual clutter, or you can assign Rubbish Collectors to gather rubbish in their area. Rubbish is recycled into Wood, Stone and Iron bars. Ten items of rubbish will produce 4 wood, 2 stone and 1 iron bar.

Items that are inside a building zone will not be collected by the Rubbish Collector. Rubbish itself does not have a collision zone, so it will not prevent people from accessing doors or gates.

Rubbish slowly builds up until it reaches a maximum point, after this old items of rubbish will be deleted and new ones added each day.




12.11 2021
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