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This mod is meant to make use of all the spears that pile up after the army has become too powerful.

A new work option is added to the weaponsmith building.

The weaponsmith will have two work modes of which one can be assigned to each weaponsmith building:

- Smith swords (original function)

- Smelt spears

The smelting uses coal and spears and produces iron bar.

Savegame compatible. Any weaponsmith buildings in a save will initially stop producing and will have to be reassigned a work mode.

The mod can not be removed from a savegame that has a weaponsmith building with the Smelt spears work mode active.

Not compatible with any mods that also change the work function of the weaponsmith building. If another mod using that method is loaded alongside this mod, whichever is loaded last will be the active one.

**** Thanks to Batyushki whose mods made this possible ****

Mod creators please feel free to incorporate this into any modpack or balancing mod, or for improved compatibility.




09.08 2022
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