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VetCombatRework Alpha

Welcome! I'm Vetinarix!
I've been playing Mordhau since release in 2019, and was heavily involved in OCE comp as its primary caster and tourney host for almost two years. I run a large OCE clan which maintained a fairly well regarded competitive team.
While I am not a competitive player myself, I like to think I have a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of the game's mechanics. I have coached moderate-advanced melee combat in Mordhau for groups and one-on-one for a significant number of people over much of the game's history. I hope that in putting my credentials to you you'll be more receptive to testing some of the changes I'm testing out.

It doesn't take a genius to come to the realisation that the Mordhau developers occasionally ("occasionally") lose their way with changes to the game over the years. This mod is a place where we can test modifications to core mechanics in the hope that we might increase accessibility without severely affecting high-end play. Some of our changes may be returning old mechanics, some of them might be introducing new ones. Let's see where this leads us.

Help us out!


The Vweapons are the weapons which we've duplicated in order to test with.
They are named the same as their original counterparts, but have a V at the start:

1H Weapon

  • VArming Sword
  • VBastard Sword
  • VFalchion
  • VHeavy Handaxe
  • VMace
  • VMesser
  • VShortspear

2H Sword

  • VEstoc
  • VExecutioner's Sword
  • VFalx
  • VGreatsword
  • VLongsword
  • VZweihander

3 Handed Sword Polearm or Axe or Bonkstick

  • VBardiche
  • VBattle Axe
  • VBillhook
  • VEvening Star
  • VHalberd
  • VMaul
  • VPartisan
  • VPoleaxe
  • VPolehammer
  • VSpear
  • VWar Axe


General Changes:
These changes apply whether or not you're using a Vweapon.

  • Kick windup time insignificantly increased to 375ms (from 365ms)
  • Kick release time increased to 325ms (from 275ms), allowing for increased legibility of kicks to defend, and dragging of kicks at footworking opponents

Vweapon Changes:
Spawn in with or pick up a Vweapon to try these out! They're in your armoury.

  • Strike turncaps tightened by between 20 and 40 degrees per second across all weapons (weapons with looser caps tend to be tightened more) to soften ridiculous manipulation and further reward footwork
  • Patented Neutral Nuker™ gently tightens turncap at moment of release to soften neutral accels and extreme accel-to-drags (this will take some time to finetune in order that accels are weakened without perceptively weakening drags)
  • Strike release times increased by 25ms across all weapons (except Zwei only 15ms) to account for weakened manip due to turncap modifications; standard weapons now have 525ms strike release (up from 500ms)
  • Miss combo no longer slows windup; most weapons now retain initiative on miss combo in most scenarios, unless misses are set up and punished timely and intentionally by the opponent
  • Feint lockout reduced to 250ms across all weapons (down from between 325ms and 400ms) to reduce unearned double parries and increase viability of microfeints
  • Stamina changes to account for longer fights due to higher rate of successful parrying;
    • Parry drain negation increased by 1 across all weapons; standard weapons now have 14PDN
    • Chamber cost reduced to 14 across all weapons (from 15)

Work in Progress and Contemplated Changes:

Coming soon to a theatre near you, so get dressed!

  • Neutral Nuker™ [already implented; needs work]
    This mechanic implements a dip in turncap during the moment of release to nerf neutral accels. It needs tuning in order to act as intended.
    We are looking into applying it more strongly to 'look-in' compared with 'look-out' so that it selectively softens neutral accels without diminishing drags significantly.
    Not yet sure if this is easily possible, or will require some pain.
  • Miss Stamina Cost Reduction [considering]
    Considering a reduction in miss stamina cost by 1 point across all weapons to further account for longer fights due to higher rates of successful parries; this would pair well with increased use of miss-combo mechanics.
    It may only be necessary to apply this to weapons with combo, although this might be considered 'unfair'.


Do you have feedback on what we've done? Got ideas? Dislike something? Like something? Just want to tell me how gay I am?
Let me know!

I'm not sure if/when I'll read the comments here, but I can be contacted on Discord:




22.09 2022
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