KANJI ModPack for Skills vol 8

V 0.9.12 mod for World Of Tanks

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KANJI Mod Pack for skills vol.8


So folks,

I thank you first to thank the people who recommend us and praise us.

It pleased me very so to be able to read a lot of thank you messages, thank you for that.


There were also many complaints as there have not accepted all that I create a Beta & full version.

Well I suppose, and then point just finished modpacks into the net, beta version, it will no longer exist!


Now for ModPackv fos skills vol.8

-Bugs Resolved

Added -Realoadtimer

Revised -Radialmenü


Included Mods:


-HitMaker -Counterlook -Tundra -Shadow

-Modification Distrutible -Auto Extinguisher -MovingforCaster

-Arty Assistant (Push G) -Xvm -Zoom 30x (1-48) -Radialmenü

-Multihitlog -Reloadtimer -Aimbot -Hitzone -ModPackButton

-Session Statistics -TechHangar


Best regards

KANJI | K4NJI & xXHardlinerXx


ich habe daran gearbeitet

  • 01 Dec 15:34
    Version 0.9.12


01.12 2015
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V 0.9.12
World Of Tanks
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