Mercedes Benz Ø305

V 1.2.1 mod for OMSI 2

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Download type : Bus (real) :-)

Project Name: Bahnbus MB O 307

Involved persons: Perotinus , Julian , O base 305 of RW1HH and MR Software

For FAQs , please scroll down !

Project details: Initially , attempts to analyze how complicated is to build a bus for Omsi since June, 2013, the standard suburban ( Stülb ) of Mercedes -Benz O 307 was quick , I decided , as role models widespread models recreate the German Federal Railroad . OMSI The model represents the car of the procurement Series 1980-87 with their different features dar.

Copyright : The scripts and sounds are part of the payware add-ons " city bus O 305 " and so subject to the copyright of the creator Rolf Westphalen and MR software. Therefore, they should NOT be changed.
The model and the textures of the MB O 307 , probably by me ( Perotinus ) may be fully changed. When in doubt, just ask in the forum via PM .

Model: Perotinus
Textures : MR software , fw -online , Perotinus
Scripts: Rolf Westphalen , MR software, Julian , Perotinus
Sounds: Rolf Westphalen , MR software PoweredByCNG , Morphi , Perotinus

A very special thanks goes to
-Rolf Westphalen , for permission to use the O 305- addons as a basis
- Julian , for the great help in the scripts and the construction of the roller band
- PoweredByCNG to be able to integrate its 305 O - Sound update for permission
-fw -online , for the position of photo textures
MR software for the simulation itself
and many supportive and motivating users from the OMSI forum , especially e2h1986 who could solve many questions of detail to equip the buses with his technical knowledge .

The addon " city bus O 305 " must be installed for the operation of the MB O 307 ! The O 305 MB contained therein must be in Omsi folder ? Vehicles ? MB_O305 lie . In OMSI 2 not contained AI -O 305 is sufficient as a base.
The contents of the zip file should be unpacked in the default directory OMSI easy.

Please refer to the readme !

Changelog Version 1.2

Added - RVO variant
Improved reflections of the car body
Small error corrected (mapping at the rear )
Improved sound

Version 1.2.1 also :
OMSI - 2 adjustments : Plug sign in the front window , splashing on the tires , adjusted cash positions



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    Version 1.2.1


05.05 2014
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V 1.2.1
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  1. efc07 21. 11 2021

    so cool bus and great quality