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The company was founded in 1927 by Mr. Joseph Frisch in Saeul. Later, his sons Emile, Henri and François take over the company and found Voyages Frisch Frères in Boulaide.

With 10 vehicles they guarantee the line connection Boulaide-Luxembourg, Boulaide-Wiltz-Rambrouch and offer numerous trips throughout Europe.


1947: the brothers break up, everyone builds his own business and on 20 November 1947 Emile leaves Boulaide and founds the new company Autocars Emile Frisch in Luxembourg - 20, route d'Esch.


At this time, the fleet includes nine vehicles.


On December 8, 1947, the line starts Kopstal-Bridel-Luxembourg.

1954: Relocation of the offices and workshop to Bonnevoie - 5, rue Jules Fischer.


On December 15, 1962 Emile Frisch dies, his widow Hélène Frisch-Schmit and his nephew Emile Frisch take over the company.

1970: Foundation of the Société des Anciens Etablissements Autocars Emile Frisch Sàrl.


1976: Commissioning of the first luxury coach in Luxembourg with WC, air conditioning and video system and drinks bar


On 19 December 1978, Autocars Emile Frisch and 22 other members set up the Fédération Luxembourgeoise of the Exploitants d'Autobus et d'Autocars.

With the purchase of a Neoplan spaceline liner in 1986, a vehicle with the driver's seat positioned below the passenger deck, the company changes the look of the fleet towards clean lines on a white background.


1998: A new Kässbohrer vehicle (S316 HDS) complements the fleet and offers even more comfort to its guests.


1999: Handover of the company to the sons Guy and Jean-Claude Frisch

2003: Commissioning of two A330s for the city of Luxembourg.


In 2004, the fleet includes 34 vehicles. Due to a continuously positive business development, the premises in Bonnevoie are becoming too narrow and another move is due.


The purchase of two articulated buses for Line 16 poses new challenges for the company, as maintenance in its own workshop is no longer possible.

In 2009, Autocars Emile Frisch and Autocars Pletschette agree to share a site in Bettembourg.


In November 2010, the company commissioned the design office Vidale-Gloesener with the complete redesign of the graphic line and the conception of a logo with a high recognition value.


The new graphic will be applied from March 2011.

February 2012: Handover of keys for two new **** star TX buses at the VANHOOL factory in Lier (Koningshooikt).


On April 27, 2012, the opening of the new location will take place in the presence of numerous personalities in the field of passenger transport.


At the same time, Autocars Emile Frisch celebrates its 85th anniversary.


Today, Guy and Jean-Claude Frisch lead the company for the fourth generation. Autocars Emile Frisch employs 65 people and operates a fleet of 45 vehicles.


Modell: Setra S415NF
Textur: Emile Frisch
Idee / Konzept: Lucky7

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