Unterhölz V1

V 1.0 mod for OMSI 2

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Welcome to Unterhölz!


You can expect many narrow & challenging roads and a somewhat tighter


Timetable. So it should definitely not be boring :D

There are 10 lines in total with 27 different routes of which


782 is the longest and therefore the main line of the map, it should be driven by an articulated bus.


We recommend running the map in summer for now to get the full


to enjoy the level of detail.

Unfortunately we don't have any repaints yet, we'll gladly leave this part


you as a community.

Also, we are already working on a V2 of the map, which will then be even more


should be larger. So who still has wishes can express them


and we try our best.

Please note that this is our 1st map and thus not always 100%


can be perfect. Therefore, feel free to leave some constructive criticism so that we



know what we can do better.


Have fun Vorax & Busspotter Jan



Mitersteller: Busspotter Jan

  • 18 Jan 21:01
    Version 1.0


18.01 2022
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V 1.0
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  1. Timemashine 13. 05 2022

    Wunderschöne Map wo man mal so richtig gefordert wird und so macht das fahren Spaß. Ich hoffe es kommen noch weitere Linien hinzu und sage danke für die schöne Map.