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V 0.9.15 mod for World Of Tanks

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As informs the author, he created this ModPA?k for themselves and their clanmates.
But, in such a short time, this ModPak’ve used a huge amount of people. Therefore, the author decided to put it to everyone!
ModPak tested for compatibility and performance – no lag!

This ModPack includes 11 of the best mods:
Universal XVM Config
SafeShot Mod
YasenKrasen Messenger & Statistics Mod
Improved Original Crosshairs
Minimap based on XVM & Locastan’s HD Minimaps
Jackhammer Contour Mod
Subtle ‘Damage Indicator’ with timer counting from last shot
Zoom: Sniper 24x + Zoomout Mod + Sniper Borders removed
In-game WN8 / EFF calculator from Multi HitLog
HD Icons for: Shells, Consumables & Modules
Train Carriage model with better visibility


How To Install:

Download and unzip ModPack
Folders “0.9.15” and “XVM” copy and paste: / WoT / res_mods


p0st m0ds


  • 26 May 10:30
    Version 0.9.15



26.05 2016
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V 0.9.15
World Of Tanks
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26. 05 2016 258

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