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V 001 mod for Cattle and Crops

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In this mod, 3 new trailers are provided.

    • A loading trailer for the transport of pallets (17m³)
    • A trailer with a shipping container (32m³)
  • A tanker trailer (58m²)

All three trailers can carry the type "Solid,Goods". These are new FillTypes, which will only be available in the CNC-gameplay mod from versin v009 and higher.

These are goods created in the factories and production facilities that need to be transported to the points of sale.

This mod will only work together with the CNC gameplay mods v009 or higher due to the configured FillType "Solid,Goods". In the vanilla game, the trailers will only work after adjusting the FillType.


Important note:

This mod is based on models by xyzspain, which he also published here on Modhoster. These models have been copied and adapted by me.


The trailers in this mod basically work, however they are based on old scripts as xyzspain created them. The scripts have yet to be updated to the latest versions. This may be done sometime in the future.


Modell: xyzspain, Nachtfalke
Textur: xyzspain
Script: MBB, xyzspain, Nachtfalke
Idee / Konzept: xyzspain, Nachtfalke
Tester: Nachtfalke

  • 03 May 00:21
    Version 001


03.05 2022
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V 001
Cattle and Crops
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  1. Franky 03. 05 2022

    Moin Das ist doch mal eine Super Sache weiter so Danke????????????