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V 1.0 for CnC mod for Cattle and Crops

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This one is the updated version of the Kverneland pack by xyzspain, which is also available here at Modhoster.
With this update, I've added to the mod pack the new tillage features introduced with CnC's March 2021 tillage update. See version history or below for V1.0 for which devices have already been revised.

Unfortunately, we have not received or heard any further info from xyzspain since August 2020, and I have received no response to my contact requests through various channels.
Therefore, I have now updated the pack, it is just too bad to remain unused (without the tillage).

If there are reasons against this update, short info to me (or the admins) and the mod will be removed again.

In this update V1.0 included or updated 26 devices:

Deep plow / Subsoiler:

  • Vicon Terra PL ; CLI, 3.0m


  • 150 B Variomat , 1.75m
  • 150 B Variomat 6, 2.3m
  • 150 B Variomat with additional front plough, 2.8m
  • 150 B Variomat 6 with additional front plough, 3.5m


  • Packomat, Packomat1 (1.8m, 2.4m, 3.3m)
  • Packomat_Seeder (=Packomat with seeding and fertilizing function) (1.8m, 2.4m, 3.3m)
  • CLG 3, 2.5m
  • CLC Classic, 3.0m
  • CLC Foltable, 5.0m
  • TLD 600 ; TLD 900 ; Rau Cultimat , 6.0m; 9.0m; 6.0m
  • 4 power harrows, 3.0m; 6.0m
  • Rau Combinat, 6.0m
  • Rau Tinetiller, 3.0m
  • Rau Tinetiller folding, 5.0m
  • Vicon disc tiller ; Visio 200, 5.8m

Known issues:

  • CLG 3 and both 3.0m versions still showed difficulty lowering for me
  • Vicon disc tiller or Visio 200: At speeds above 12 km/h, a script responsible for dynamics often turns off the cultivator function+animations, because the script considers the cultivator depth to be too shallow due to the speed.
  • Packomat (small cultivators for the 150 B plow): You can switch the working width at this devices. I need more time to analyze this function. Therefore only one width is currently updated.




Modell: xyzspain
Textur: xyzspain
Script: xyzspain
Idee / Konzept: xyzspain
Tester: xyzspain / Pebcak13
Sonstige: Pebcak13 (only update ground functions)

  • 16 Jul 17:02
    Version 1.0 for CnC


16.07 2021
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V 1.0 for CnC
Cattle and Crops
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