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V mod for Cattle and Crops

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update of models


Model: xyzspain
Texture:  xyzspain
Script: xyzspain and MBB
Idea / Concept:  xyzspain
Testing: xyzspain


  • 28 Mar 10:35

    updated kverneland 2019
    removed fake and feeder tanks two feeder tube mods are now available one for seed or fertilizer and one for seed and fertilizer
    added some init scripts to improve the reload of the model after saving in some positions
    including new scripts for choosing fertilizer and seed in MBB's courtesy task on almost all supported models
    other minor changes

  • 05 Jan 08:57

    added new models and corrections of the previous ones due to changes by MBB

  • 17 Nov 01:01

    adaptation to the new CNC version and small changes

  • 01 Oct 09:17
    Version 0.6.2

    - Exact spreader
    - Vicon spreader
    - Kubota spreader
    - support for all fertilizers in all models that have this possibility
    - radial menu on all models
    - deleted quick actions (it is possible change from game settings)
    -support for user actions in all attachements

  • 14 Jun 22:42

    has changed the plows now have already incorporated the arm of the packer( instance model) with a cabControl to adjust the length between 1.8 and 3.3 meters according to kverneland has only three arms and three packers here has been modified a script to be able to use it according to the need of each moment

    Again you can use the front plow always choosing the right rear so that the width of work is correct (possible combinations for now 4 + 3 or 6 + 3) with or without packer , set to 2.5 or 3.3 meters

    Kultistrip can be used in 4 versions two of 3 meters and two of 6 meters foldable and in manual mode independent controlled arm (solid or liquid fertilizer is not allowed to mix)

  • 27 May 18:38

    added :
    CLI ,DF1,DF2
    changes in others models
    last change attach feeder from the right
    please visit cattle and crops forum thread links to mods an other features for more information about the models and how to use them

  • 27 Apr 19:00

    added implements for soil preparation and changes logos in others

  • 05 Apr 10:55

    changes in textures and shaders
    added the pto and the necessary controls
    corrected errors in the kverneland 4 and several improvements in textures cultivators

  • 31 Mar 16:29


31.03 2019
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  1. xyzspain 17. 11 2019

    MBB changes in textures and particle mesh, marker frontLoader,etc as well as in the engine make a new update of all the models necessary the changes have been made according to the tests performed in the main models that is to say the copies and variants have not been checked if there are any problem please comment it and add a jpg image.
    There are some models that when the task is added proceed to empty the tank and has to be filled before going to the field with the same fillType that has been marked to purchase, the same happens with the need to make a dettach to be able to do the filling in manual mode, it is an error since version 0.6
    I have seen these errors on my computer both in my models and when using MBB

  2. showgunn84 19. 10 2019

    missing ground work animation textures