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V 2.2.021 mod for OMSI 2

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Semirealistic map of the city of Susdal. Suitable for weak PCs.

Dive into the atmosphere of ancient times and drive through the ancient streets of the ancient city!


There is a bus route number 2 on the map;


<Bus stop - Vasilievsky Monastery - Eternal Flame - Red Square - 950th Anniversary Park - Pozharsky Square - Ivanovskaya Zastava - Gogol Street - Hospital - Industrial Area - Sovetskaya Street - Gogol Street - Ivanovskaya Zastava - Pozharsky Square - 950th Anniversary Park - Red Square - Vasilievsky Monastery - Bus stop>


(Mod works with OMSI version 2.2.021 and higher)

Caution: an invisible wall has been detected! Disable all collisions in the game itself!


When creating the map, objects and splines from the authors were used: Alex Azarh, Dark Wolf, Denlog, Moskur, Jonpol, AFG Converts, Jan Kiesewalter, Vektor, A. Tafintsev, Cheburator, V. Lagutin, D. Drozd etc.


Installation instructions:

The contents of the archive copy it to the game folder and agree to a replacement!


Modell: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677)
Textur: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677)
Script: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677)
Idee / Konzept: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677)
Tester: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677)
Sonstige: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677)


  • 16 May 21:22
    Version 2.2.021



16.05 2021
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V 2.2.021
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