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The region Grundorf V4 is technically based on the V3 Updated, to Easter 2020 was published. While it has been in the V3 Updated essentially a new line concept, here the map was expanded entirely.


Recommended OMSI version:
Currently v2.3.x


Supposed commercial extensions



Features at a glance:

  • New areas on the map (essentially interurban areas with country roads, etc.)
  • Complex and authentic line and timetable concept with 9 lines, including 6 regional and 3 interurban lines
  • .
  • In addition, lots of special courses (E-trips, school buses, shuttle, SEV and much more)
  • .
  • 4 fictitious bus companies (Region Grundorfer Verkehrsbetriebe, Regiobus Grundorf GmbH, Busbetrieb Einsteindorf, Omnibusbetrieb Schröder)
  • comprehensive repaint pack for lots of variety
  • .
  • further repaints for various well-known buses
  • .
  • Chrono events


  • 10S: Express bus Einsteindorf hospital - Einsteindorf Bhf. - Grundorf Hbf. - Grundorf Sports College
  • 11: North tip - Gaussdorf - Einsteindorf (ü. Bhf.) - Triesdorf - Zrichen - Grundorf Hbf. (-Grundorf sports college)
  • 12: North tip - Gaussdorf - Einsteindorf (ü. Rathaus) - Triesdorf - Zrichen - Grundorf Hbf. (-Grundorf Sporthochschule)
  • 21: Kaisersee - Grundorf school center - Grundorf Hbf. - Einsteindorf - Waldstadion - Hertz - Warthersee (- Kirchdorf)
  • 31: Triesdorf - Youth Hostel - Grundorf Hbf. - Grundorf swimming pool east - Neukirch - Preusweg (- Kirchdorf)
  • 32: Grundorf Göteborger Straße - Grundorf Hbf. - Grundorf Swimming Pool East - Neukirch - Preusweg (- Neu-Weiberg)
  • 410: Einsteindorf ZOB - Triesdorf - Irlach - Moorlach Bhf. (- Ober-Herzberg Church)
  • 420: Warthersee - Einsteindorf ZOB - Waldstadion - Neukirch - Neu-Wies - Huje - Ilsenburg Wilhelmplatz
  • .
  • 430: Einsteindorf Bhf. - Einsteindorf ZOB - Nordspitze Bhf. - Warthersee - Neu-Weiberg - Sportflugplatz

Special lines:

  • Stadium Shuttle 1: Grundorf Hbf. - Waldstadion (Saturdays)
  • Stadium Shuttle 2: Einsteindorf Bhf. - Einsteindorf ZOB - Waldstadion (Saturdays)
  • Hiking shuttle: Grundorf main station. - Triesdorf - Irlach - Moorlach Bhf. - Ober-Herzberg Church (only in summer)
  • Corona vaccination shuttle: Grundorf Hbf. - Vaccination center old steel hall
  • SEV: Grundorf Hbf. - Einsteindorf Bhf. - Nordspitze Bhf.

You can find more information about the map in the ReadMe.

We ask you to read the ReadMe and our supplied documents thoroughly before your first ride. You can find them under the following folder: OMSI 2\Addons\Region Grundorf V4


Necessary foreign content:

In addition, we strongly recommend using the 4GB patch



The following folder contains alternative AI lists: Addons\Region Grundorf V4\AI Lists



We are not liable for any damage or problems with the computer. The installation and download is at your own risk.

License terms:

The following applies to Region Grundorf V4 and its contents:

- For the map:

CC by nc-sa:

Publishing Permitted: Permitted with conditions a) attribution to original author, work & license, b) same license & conditions

Commercial use: Prohibited, except: Showing and presenting the map on platforms like YouTube or similar, even if monetization is enabled

Edit, Modify: Allowed with conditions a) point out changes, b) attribution of original author, work & license, c) redistribution only with same license & conditions

- For the objects/splines/textures developed by SGTVP, Erilambus, cedric p. and TobiB:

CC by nc-nd:

Publishing Permitted: Permitted with conditions a) attribution of original author, work & license, b) unmodified original archive only, c) same license & conditions

Commercial use: Prohibited

Edit, Modify: Prohibited

The copyright of the remaining objects remains with the respective creators.




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