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Ski Area Simulator 2012 - Update 1.0.1



     Fault with the scheme of the coupled images of the Lizard Trailer Cougar resolved
     Error with the inversion of the rotation axis of the snow signs resolved
     Errors with little sleep in the station name corrected
     Mistakes when selling a shovel which are fixed in a Fülltrigger
     Errors with the change of time scale in Multiplayer resolved
     Fixed rare error with the snowfall in multiplayer
     Fixed rare error with the loss of snow snow shields
     Fixed display bug with the minimap when the cable cars
     Problems with the reset input Binding resolved
     Control problems from the Lizard skid steer loaders fixed
     Fixed problem with funicular trigger when you go directly into a vehicle


     Support for other players in multiplayer vehicle sounds added
     Support missions for all players in multiplayer added
     Information card at the game booths added with
     Position of the inner camera 100 snowcat improved
     Maximum height of the Lizard Cougar snow shield increases
     Width of Plow and Lizard Lizard Cougar improved
     Lizard Cougar adapted salt consumption (three times more than Lizard Geo)
     Lizard Cougar improved particle system
     Operation of snow plows improved
     Price of snow cannons has been adapted
     Range of the Lizard Skid Steer increases with tub
     Status of auxiliary Eicon checkbox is now saved
     The unloading of snow from a trailer can now be interrupted

Source: Giants Software



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    Version 1.01


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06.11 2011
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