JCB 3CX (Ford 555)

V 1 mod for Ski-Region-Simulator 2012

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JCB 3CX (Ford 555) is a compact excavator.

This excavator is a mod converted from fs2011, original autor 3d-Modell: Snapper.

Remodified by bobcat_T-320 always for farm simulator 2011 

Converted and modified for ski region 2012 by me (MoonDragon)

This excavator has the following properties:

- Movable rear arm that works with any shovel. (keypad 7-9,4-6)

- Movable rear arm (x-z)

- Rotatable driver's seat (number 7-8)

- Rear pistons to raise the excavator (keypad 2-0,3-.)

- Front arm (n-j,m-k)

- Opening door (number 5-6)

- Retractable rear window (number 9)

- Real sounds

- Working lights (can be activated with L)

Hope you like it as much as I do


Model: Snapper
Texture: Snapper
Script: Snapper,bobcat_T-320,MoonDragon
Idea / Concept: Snapper
Testing: Snapper,bobcat_T-320,MoonDragon
Conversion+optimization SRS2012: MoonDragon

  • 29 Dec 20:12
    Version 1


29.12 2020
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V 1
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
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