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Mod Map Margarethenhoehe
(Version 2.0)






This mod map is created based on the Sutzmatt Standartmap!


The map contains log error!


The map does not work Due to the size may on any computer liquid!


Ski area and village are freely invented!


There are minor bugs!









Welcome to the Margrethe height of DonChris



Recreation and sport for young and old in the highlands!

The quiet place "Margarethental", with its originality and proximity to nature is a good alternative to the busy tourist magnets of the Alps.

The "ski Margarethenhoehe" has to the surrounding mountains, "Sophie View" and "Margaret peak" a fully-serviced ski area. Here you will find beginners as well as advanced everything a winter sports enthusiast, 15 runs of all difficulty classes, and other slopes and trails. This includes the steepest slope of the Margarethenhoehe, the Kamikaze, which is also the pros and attracts winter sports enthusiasts.

A diverse range of restaurants and apres-ski huts ensures that our guests lack nothing.






Feature - Overview (roughly):



- 1 village

- 1 City

- 2 mountains

- 10 lifts and lifting equipment

- 15 regular departures

- Additional tracks and routes

- Ski lifts controllable

- 4 areas with snowmaking system

- 2 areas with Night

- 4 ski patrol locations

- 2 Highways Locations

- 1 additional salt storage

- 4 snow cannons / snow depots

- Various apres-ski huts with music and lighting

- Runway taxi office and stops

- Feuerwehrgerätehaus

- Various Teleporter

- Drag lift curves

- Ski tunnel

- Skibridge

- Funpark

- Sport Hotel Lounge

- Objects of Austria Modding Team (6-seater)

- Wind anchor of the Austria Mod Modding Team

- Uncle Willy's ski lodge

- Pedestrian bridge

- Footpath

- Lift cabin for tows

- Trail

- Ski school area with a children's club

- TND (day / night decoration)

- Very much detail decoration

- About 9500 trees





Since a detailed list of features and functions beyond the scope here, I want to ask you on my homepage to browse.

Here I have already collected a lot of information for the Margarethenhoehe, whether as text, image or a map. In addition, there are still further useful for the Margarethenhoehe.

Questions about the map I beat words like about the book or the modhoster comment section.






I would like to say thank you to everyone who made this map possible and have supported me!



I hope I've mentioned each has contributed something in the credits, I've lost track there a little: (

Should anyone notice that he was not mentioned, please notify, so that I can grudge it :)



Information and support on:




Must not be changed or re-uploaded!




It is not allowed to reedit or upload the files again!




Have fun!



credits für AMT(AustrianModdingTeam) Sessellift-Komponenten:
Kontrollraum = MaxT35
Sessel = MaxT35
Station = SRSFan
Scanner = SRSFan
Schilderbrücke = Swobi
Schranken = Planna Maik

Windenmod Ankerpunkte by Austrian Modding Team (MaxT35 & Planna Maik)[]

Luis g.
meistro @ MRA-MODDING
3malx 7
der kommisar
sheep 001

  • 04 Feb 18:57
    Version 2.0


checksum: 92fb4a10baf585e7612a08c9e4629993
Version: 2.0
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: _DonChris_
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Dons Margarethenhoehe V 2.0
description in shop: Willkommen auf der Margarethenhoehe von DonChris ! Darf nicht veraendert oder neu hochgeladen werden ! Support auf ! VIEL SPASS !!!

03.02 2014
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V 2.0
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
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  1. Dude70 23. 02 2018

    All who have the "bad allocation problem". Read the tutorial on Don's Webpage on how to allocate more RAM to the simulator. That worked perfectly for me.

  2. Would have been nice if I was able to play SRS with this map installed, it keeps crashing my game at startup saying bad allocation.... Shame, I really liked the looks of this map.

  3. Totenfarmer 26. 07 2014

    Great map..again, the file size is a bit big, but I have no problem playing it, although I had to turn my gpu settings down to high, hope you continue your projects DonChris, it`s people like you that keeps the game from dying :)

  4. Deeznutz 08. 02 2014

    Great map once again. You do great work and are very creative. It would be nice to see Astragon update Ski Simulator but I guess the numbers aren't there.

    I did notice that the PDA appears to be upside down. Needs to rotate 180 degs. Otherwise great work and keep it up. Runs very smooth too. I have applied the 4GB patch and have a good system so no issues for me.