PistenBully 100 e

V 1.0 mod for Ski-Region-Simulator 2012

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Dear User,

I was driving the last 5 days of skiing and then I saw a PistenBully the number of e + Kässbohrer.

The e + series works with a six-cylinder engine and two generators. In other words, with diesel and electricity.

It made me just not let go, so I first made only a PistenBully 100. More versions of PistenBully 400 and 600 will follow.

I missed the snowcat work lights, and a motor launch.

He also has a feature that it never achieved in the ski simulator.

The PistenBully has a sound that remains permanently on while driving.

I wish you much fun with this mod

With desires or suggestions you can contact us.

It is forbidden to this mod in a modified form, without the permission of Urmodders put on other sites to download.

This mod may not be offered on other sites for download, but only if the original link is used, as well as a designation of the credits.

The beep sound can be installed in other mods, but only with Elraubnis Ls farmer, as well as stating the credits.

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Skin/ Script: Ls Landwirt
Modell: Giants
Zusatzscripte von: Sven777b und Templaer


  • 30 Mar 20:41
    Version 1.0



checksum: 67c9a479d4bb14e3e04a49d25d03efda
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Ls Landwirt
price in shop: 65000 LS
name in shop: Pistenbully 100 e+
description in shop: Dies ist der Pistenbully 100 in der e+ Version.
Script/Skin: Ls Landwirt

30.03 2013
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V 1.0
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
8.01 MB 1565
30. 03 2013 1,565

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