The Moris Country 3.6

V 3.6 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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The Morisland (pre-release version)


My version of a map or something like this :)

It gives for everyone what to do with theversen field fruit expanded

4fold Map

Vegetables, milk, baker, mill, refinery, sugar, Erasco and and


My thanks gild the indirect contributing scripts, 3D models have made available


The testers of the HoG

I wish you much fun with my map

People the moths, do not invite nix say, mop does not need a human!




Pigs and sheep no longer need to be cleaned

There are 2 "flying" eggs in the stallion

The Kotte-pack is required to operate the map.


This map has been designed and developed by me and can only be accessed with this link

Which announces and re-spreads is BANNED !!



Modell: 3dmodelle / Gians / ist mir leider nicht bekannt
Textur: gians / agsteam / moricespencer
Script: Blacksheep/RC-Devil/kevink98/Marhu/Blacky_BPG/vortex1988/grafik-edv
Idee / Konzept: moricespencer 
Tester: moricespencer, angehörige der HoG vereinigung
Sonstige: danke an die leute die hir nicht aufgefürt sind, da unbekannt.

dank an die leute die monate lang mit mir die karte getestet haben


  • 13 Aug 23:24
    Version 3.6

    neu aufbau vom Hof und Betriebshof
    2 neue produktionen
    neu registrierung der früchte und darstellung
    teil neu plazierung vorhandener produktionen

    es ist dringend empfolen alle nicht xml dateien im spielstand zu löschen

  • 23 Jun 09:31
    Version 2.6

    es lassen sich jetzt auch bäume pflanzen, kleine Produktions anpassungen

  • 16 Jun 17:30
    Version 2.5

    feldstrucktur damit die helfer n bissel besser laufen
    Garagen *beschreibung an der garage lesen*

  • 21 May 11:04
    Version 1.7.1

    Trigger fix




24.04 2017
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13. August 1,732
V 2.6
Farming Simulator 17
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23. June 2,223
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Farming Simulator 17
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16. June 1,600
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22 Comments for The Moris Country 3.6

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  1. 117/5000
    How to sell animals with a butcher. In the previous version I also had the same problem.

    1 replies

  2. POW00743 12. August

    Map is great thanks, I cant seem to sell animals for meat production, trigger doesn't seem to work.
    Can someone help?

    1 replies

  3. There is no drop off trigger at the animal production trigger. Cannot make meats at all. Need to fix it please. Thank you.

    1 replies

  4. Looks like your v2.6 map is missing part of a fence and the sheeps gotten loose.

    1 replies

  5. I've noticed on field 21 the hemp wires is still on the field and the hemp production is no longer working, I surmise they're no longer needed since the hemp crop can be planted. Will the wires and building be removed or did you forget all about it?

    1 replies

  6. Spector51 08. July

    Great map! one problem i am having is i can't get my finished product out of the sugar factory.

    1 replies

  7. speedfire 27. June

    I can not add diesel to the compost machine i used the it runner fuel barrel and the stock fuel trailer it there an issue with the fill trigger? Thank you for the great map i have put in 100+ hours already!!

  8. tirybasse 24. June

    First of all, you're map is really great, thank you for that.
    A little question : i play the 1.7 and i don't remember which file to delate so i can keep my game and play the 2.6. ( i have made a lot of money......)
    Thank you

    1 replies

  9. Let me first say Excellent map, no errors, and plenty of things to keep you busy. I do have a question, part of the economy displays onion and carrot, however I am unable to find seeder. Seeders provided do not have as fill type, where can I find seeders.

    1 replies

  10. Game crashes every time I quite the map v1.7 with no other mods enabled except the latest Kotte Universal mod. Does the map require something that I don't have enabled?

    1 replies

  11. Tijson 10. May

    Hi MoriceSpencer,

    Firts of all I really love your map. Its all I and many others wished for. But since I started a new game on the 1.5 version I have massive FPS drops. Do you know what this problem might be? I'm using all same mods as in the 1.4 version and there my FPS stays steady. I really hope you have a solution for me.

    1 replies

  12. 100% probleme fps water plane full size map

    1 replies

  13. Flywheel 27. April

    Spent a full day on a earlier version of this map, just working the 3 or 4 owned fields yesterday, and I think this maybe the very best 4x4 map I have ever played since FS 13 and I have played some great maps. This map has something for every one.

    Fantastic map thanks very much to all involved. Pete

  14. wubnob 27. April

    look field 5 electric powermast

  15. wubnob 25. April

    Go to steam right click on Farming Simulator/characteristics/Beta's/
    Non-unsubscribe from all Béta programs. For moddesc 37

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