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enclosed a mobile tank set with 2 tanks (1.250 m³ and 6.000 m³) and 1 rebuild Joskin Slurrytanker (PumpTrailer) to pump the liquid from one tank to another tank.

The 2 tanks can store all 3 types of biologic liquid fertilizer (bull slurry, sewage sludge, bgp digestate).

Please consider the sides of the PumpTrailer: Left is the input, right is the output. The trigger for this are each 25m long each and will be identified from the pump stations at the map and the pump stations near the mobile tanks. The connection hose will be connected automatically. When the PumpTrailer is in the tank trigger the connection hose will be connected. When the PumpTrailer is in the Map pump station trigger the trader window will displayed. When the tanks are placed at useful locations, the transfer of liquid can started from the dealer (harbor) or the biogas plant directly with the PumpTrailer into the mobile tank. When the PumpTrailer is connected to the mobile tank via hose connection and the trading window is displayed the PumpTrailer is in correct position. Choose the amount of liquid to transfer and start ein input, after this press the key "U" to start the output. But it is also possible at first start only the input and when finished start the output. The result is quite the same, but it needs double time. Important: CnC recognize the amount of transfered liquid, transfered means input+output. Therefore: When started input + output at the same time, the double amount of needed liquid must be entered in the trading window! For example: 100.000 l of bull slurry should be transfered at the same time (input+output) then 200.000 l must be choosen in the trading window (100.000 l input + 100.000 l output = 200.000 l).

The tanks can hold one type of liquid. If the tank hold bull slurry it is not possible to unload sewage sludge into this tank. The invisible 3 point hitch is located a little bit right of the pump station at the tank (at the 1.250 m³ tank directly under the ladder). During transport all collisions are disabled. The collisions will be activated after uncouple, attention where the tank will be placed. E.g. if a tree or a fence inside the uncoupled tank the tank will do strange things, fly around, jumping like a ball or something like this. The pump station at the tank is the location to load the liquid from the tank into the slurry trailer. This process starts automatically without any query! This was needed, because currently CnC doesn't support this type of trading windows inside a mod. A little bit more in clockwise direction the 2nd trigger is located to unload a slurry trailer into the tank. When the slurry trailer is in the trigger a trading window will displayed, but only for information: 1st the trailer is inside the trigger, 2nd just for information what is currently in the tank and how much (not counting during transfer process). To start the transfer press the key "U" and the liquid will be transfered from the slurry trailer into the tank.

Have fun



Modell: MBB
Textur: MBB
Script: MBB, Pebcak
Idee / Konzept: MuckyPub, Pebcak
Tester: Pebcak
Sonstige: n/a

  • 04 Aug 16:35
    Version 1.0 for CnC

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  • 03 Aug 18:30
    Version 1.0 for CnC


03.08 2021
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V 1.0 for CnC
Cattle and Crops
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V 1.0 for CnC
Cattle and Crops
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