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Reward your players for playing on your Server!

So what can this mod do for you?
Players want to be rewarded, they want to work towards something and this mod does just that. This mod offers your players rewards for playing on your server.
Players collect tokens in order to be able to convert them into items.
Ecotopia, Brachstadt and Greenland get new players almost every day, because their servers are listed at the top, this mod will help you!

If you dont want that, dont use this Mod! Thank you :)

Why is this mod also available as a premium version?
Many server operators support us in exchange for our work with bug reporting or by being active on our Discord server.
Since this mod can have a powerful effect on your ranking, it should remain something special.

The ECGRewardSystemLight & ECGRewardSystemPremium includes the ECGHighRack Mod
So be sure to delete the ECGHighRack.dll if you already use the ECGHighRack Mod



- Dayli Reward with Command
- Dayli Reward with Command
- Tracks the Player in a .txt on your Server
- Tracks the Player in a .txt on your Server
- Reward Machine Object included
- Reward Machine Object included
- ECGHighRackMod included
- ECGHighRackMod included
- Reward Coin Item
- Reward Coin Item
- API Vote Check (Steam)
- API Vote Check (Username) BETA
- Currency/Item/Skillpoint Reward possible
- Set the amount of Tokens/Currency/Skillpoint/Digital Shop Points in the Config.txt
- Custom Recipe inquiry on our Discord Server
- Digital Points (Shop)
- External Config.txt on your Server
- Digital Shop Items (+ .txt Config)
- Deactivate/Activate Servicese's in the Config.txt
Only Downloadable by PREMIUM User on our Discord Server (gained by Activity)

User Commands
- /ehcheckvotes - Check the Database and Reward the Player if not already done for that day

Admin Commands
- /give ECGRewardMachineItem
- /give ECGRewardMachine - Give's you the RewardMachine Ingame Object - Not Craftable

-/give ECGRewardToken
-/give ECGRewardTokenItem - Will be automaticly added in the users inventory if /ehcheckvotes was called, but you can spawn them to if you like it!

For Support and Questions join our Discord Server please!


Support us if you like the Mod & want to see more Updates:




27.02 2021
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