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The growthManager mod replaces the original growth management with more robust code.


Improves stability and improves compatibility with Mods like weed, fastForward and includes functionality of the nightGrowth-Mod.


Optional(!) configuration takes place for each savegame within growthManager.xml within the savegame folder.

Important: After removing the mod, all *_growthState.xml within your savegame needs to be deleted to restore original growth.


Skript: upsidedown
Grafiken+Einbau: JakobT
final-Tester: beaker


  • 03 Feb 21:18
    Version 1.0




checksum: a6a9236751acfb8d099b1b2a64716bdf
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: upsideDown+JakobT
price in shop: LS
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03.02 2015
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 15
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6 Comments for growthManager

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  1. I NEED MODS 09. 09 2016

    so what exactly does it do?

  2. Maxximuss 14. 12 2015

    Weiss jemand wie ich Growth Manager aber mit Pflanzensterben (Plant Withering) auch an spielen kann? Das mod schaltet dieses funktion aus.

    Does anyone know how I can play with GrowthManager mod but still have plant withering enabled? This mod seems to forcefully disable this function.

  3. Totenfarmer 13. 05 2015

    Hi, I just found that this script generates call stacks after I updated to patch 1.3beta, anyone else experiencing this ?
    Note that I had no problems with it when using patch 1.2.

  4. greenscag 12. 03 2015

    Awesome mod, thanks!

  5. thomas112776 04. 02 2015

    come on people someone answer my question please does it due a auomatic scan or wat i placed this in my mods folder and so far the screen that i have seen in the pic is not there

    1 replies

  6. thomas112776 04. 02 2015

    does the scan does it automatically or wat like the one in the picture

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