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Hello, anticipate and for me the most important thing!

I'm not a hero terms About Maya, but I will show you what yet

I can, and what 2015 anything is possible with Maya, at least as far as I can tell it!

I stand each! Who likes to ask available!

The tutorials are German, and I will not want to record in other languages ??^^



In the current package different videos contained the following:

1: AD Maya 2015 Students Account Register (The free Maya)

2: AD Maya - Giants Exporter Install

3: Working with polys and operation of Maya 2015

4 & 5: With Maya an object modeling


I will put gradually in consultation with Modhoster more tutorials available!

Depending on demand and specific things that someone wants to have declared!

Is planned in the next release:

  • - UV Map Place
  • - AO texture baking
  • - Texturing using a graphics program


Should anyone want to know why I host the uploads at ?!

In order for my free time I "you" give, among other things, something for our Community Server

stuck, the not pay to yes by itself! (Suppose there usually no hand at the mouth!)

Comments are off I'm going because I know that there are some who feel better knowing everything.

As I said when are questions, PM me and I will respond for sure!


Greetings Illuminated





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    Version 1.0 Modellieren eines Modells



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