C.R.T - Twinstar Duo AR/Frame Truck

V 1.1 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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GIANTS UPDATE 1.4.4 Required.


This is a Custom Road Train modified Twinstar Duo. The truck has been stretched to allow for the attachment of AR/Frame equipment. With full animated and functioning cab and hud this is a great place to be when driving around the farm and town.

Standard features and options include. 

• Two engine choices 535 HP @ 80km/h and 760 HP @ 130km/h

• Choice of three attacher configurations. Note: if the Semi-Trailer hitch is optioned it will move to             the centre of the truck bed when any AR/Frame is connected and move back on disconnect.

• Metal or Chrome parts

• Open chassis or checker plate cover (metal or chrome dependent on shop choice above)

• Animated interior parts: All gauges, gear lever, power windows, interior light.

• Fake gauge movement when started and true reading of Break Air psi, speed, fuel, rpm, worked             hours and hitch type connected.

• Added interior review mirror.

• Two wheel type choices including Colour choice.

• Passenger Script for MP.

• Working Interior Light.

• Animated & Operating Front Windows.

• Animated movable Wing and Centre Mirrors.


Multi-Player and Single Player Tested :-)

Log is Error Free.


We hope you enjoy this mod,




GTX MODS. (Concept, Mod Build, 3d Model Works & Testing)

GTX MODS & Giants. (3d Model Parts)

ls-for-ever, Alex2009, [FSM]Chefkoch, Sven77b & GTX MODS. (Scripts)   ---- Please see Credits for list.

Special thanks to Wonko, Johnny Vee, Icelandic Farmer and Torainio for carrying out independent testing.


As we do not have comments activated on this site please provide feedback or report any errors or requests via our website. 





Concept, Mod Build, 3d Model Works & Testing: GTX MODS

3d Model Parts: GTX MODS & Giants



ls-for-ever - selectable.lua

Alex2009 - BeifahrerV3.lua

[FSM]Chefkoch – Cablight.lua

GTX MODS – startUp.lua, startHudAnimations, brakeCompressorAnimations.lua


Special Thanks:

Special thanks to some of our Modding Partners Johnny Vee, Icelandic Farmer, Wonko and Toranion from the PC-SG Forums for carrying out independent testing.


  • 14 May 05:00
    Version 1.1

    1. Small texture changes
    2. Change center HUD to now display Brake Compressor Fill Level due to multi connection issues.
    3. Fix incorrect HP display in store mode.

  • 13 May 08:27
    Version 1.0




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