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Push Release

  • Automatic translation update, formatting and creation (relevant for developers)
  • Added missing translation files.
    Every language supported by the game can be edited now.
  • Added new course editor for fieldwork courses and custom field borders (more information in the help menu).
  • Improved the interface for the auto load mod: FS22_aPalletAutoLoader.
  • Arcusin Multipack F14 now unloads the compacted bales on the field.
  • Improvements for #1726 and #1728





Push Release

  • fixes small Giants AI job conflict
  • .
  • fix for #1576
  • add beacon lights for Combine #1664
  • fix for #1295
  • Setting improvement for MP #1258



Push Release

  • fix for #1601 turns off the sensor for vine work, should find a better way later.
  • Bale collector can now select the type of bale, if he should collect wrapper/unwrapped/all bales.
  • fix for #1617
  • sprayer work width now changes when load lime or fertilizer
  • .
  • Support for collecting bales with Pallet Autoload Specialization by Achimobil


Always latest version

  • Push Release

    • fix for #1554 , where vehicles drive off the course, also implemented an emergency stop, if the vehicle drives more than 50 meters away from its target waypoint (including info message).
    • fix for #1544 , the offset of the plow now always gets calculated, so there is no 'jump' to an old offset.
    • fix for #1575 , Baler should drive with turn speed now, when almost full.
    • fix for #1467 , Anderson BioBaler unloads the bales, offset have to be set manually, as it can be adjusted.
    • Baler now wait at the end of the row, when wrapping a bale and is about to drop it #1527
    • maybe fixes #1550 , in some rare situations, the headland got calculated twice with 0 offset.
    • proximity sensor refactored to prevent being slowed down by far enough objects and now also turns in the turning direction of the vehicle. This should help with situations like in #1555 and #1320
    • small debug fix
    • fixes for Patch 1.5 #1593


Push Release

  • Only implements with ai marker or work area will be lowered/raised. #1047
  • Fixed setting input text bug. #983 and partly #1060
  • Fixed top/bottom page icon in then inGame menu.
  • Turn fixes for #1041
    • pathfinder turns with reverse will not
      lower implements too early
    • .
    • pathfinder and analytic turns should start lowering
      implements earlier to reduce waiting for lowering
      at the start of the row
    • .
  • Added global user setting to disable cp action event texts.
  • Setting values are now saved, instead of the current ix.
    (Should prevent similiar issues as #908 in the future.)
  • Added proximity sensors for combines.
  • Some debug refactoring
  • .
  • Course generator fix for #1086
  • The stone picker now works the same as the giants one after the 1.3 patch.
    • Stonepickers will now wait until it's unloaded.
    • Automatic unloading also works now, similiar to the giants helper. (when you place a trailer behind it)
    • .
    • TODO: Implement autodrive interface for unloading.
  • Fixes course rename bug. #1092
  • Dragging a rope behind the driver. (Convoy)*
  • Course generator code refactoring
  • Fix for #1102
  • Fix for #1124



Peter Vaiko
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