Forestry auxiliary devices

V 1.1 mod for Farming Simulator 2013

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Here I have a set of mounting devices for the forestry Will shank.


It's included:

1 a stacking shield to be cultivated on the three-point linkage, provided with a grapple. Everything can be controlled with the mouse. The tong is a replica of the wooden tongs from the Forstmod. All visible parts were rebuilt.

The forceps is controlled with both mouse buttons or middle mouse button. With protective Grid, Grid with Num 7 and faded out. Intended for older tractors without forest guard.


Second a stacking shield without guard grille. Slightly longer boom. Otherwise, the same as the first.


3 A sign with normal clutch, as a counterweight for older tractors without front linkage. With lowered mouse button

4.A attachable front hydraulics.

5 Two sliding plates, 900 kg narrow, wide 1200 kg, for three-point linkage, as a counter weight and as a butt plate.


6 An adapter for front loader and an adapter for Weidemann. To fix the forestry pliers. Open forest pliers with x and close. Rotary with right mouse button.


The front hydraulic raises a warning. Otherwise, log free.



Have fun.


Scripte von rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertexdesign, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax, iMarwin Palettenmod:?, Falls jemand vergessen wurde bitte melden.
Skin von Gnescher, Modelle von Gnescher


  • 31 Jul 13:16
    Version 1.1

    Shop Bilder angepasst, Hydraulikgeschwindigkeit verändert,
    Mauskontroll-Bilder angepasst, Am kleinen Rückeschild die Zange etwas angepasst

  • 29 Jul 15:35
    Version 1.0



29.07 2014
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