kroneBigM500 ATTACH crawler mod for Farming Simulator 2013
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kroneBigM500 ATTACH crawler v 1.0

firm created this model to numerous prosbam farmers! 
Now you can collect the grass much faster! 
you just need to hook the trailer! 

I made this mod for myself but decided to share with you! 
I hope that you will enjoy it! 
and do not skimp on the good grades! 
Enjoy the game! 
by dimanix added on

checksum: 939df681ad4e3877804a9e73c10dbe26
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: dimanix
price in shop: 354380 LS
name in shop: krone Big M500 ATTACH crawler
description in shop: Unternehmen KRONE erstellt dieses Modell zahlreiche prosbam Bauern!
Jetzt können Sie das Gras viel schneller sammeln!
Sie müssen nur die Anhängerkupplung!
( )

  • motorized
  • steerable
  • mouseControlsVehicle
  • mower
  • animatedVehicle
  • cylindered
  • foldable
  • BunkerSiloCompacter
  • honk
  • crawler
  • handBrake
  • AllradV4
  • indoorSound

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