Kujawska Dolina mod for Farming Simulator 2013
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Kujawska Dolina v 2.1 FOREST



- pigs mod

- gateway to the key

- water mod

- lime mod (required mod GuelleMistMod.zip)

- weight mod

- manure and liquid manure v2

- forest Mod


On the map there are:


- 1 large farm

- the village (church, shop, school, block, playground, etc)

- 3 sell point 

- biogas

- pigsty

- cows, sheep, chickens

- Traffic, milktruck, pedestrians, plane, balloon

by ZeFir_POLAND added on

  • 08 Jul 17:20

    Version 2.1 FOREST

    the new version has been updated with forest mod, wheat windrow sell point, hydrants with water,
    In version 2.1 was rebuilt farm (buildings and silos), , rebuilt the sawmill and added place for the tree, and for placeable forest buildings

  • 23 Dec 22:33

    Version 1.0

checksum: f15488a500966b6b8ba2302fea3f8b4b
Version: 2.1 FOREST
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: ZeFir
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Kujawska Dolina v2.1 ForestMod
description in shop: Autor: ZeFir, Model farmy: Spinah, Edit: Kukis

ZeFir kukis

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