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Here for you a flexible tow chain! The chain makes with its individual members a realistic impression in my opinion. Also intended more for the multiplayer or maybe Course Play, said has not been tested ;)



- Funmod and beta

- The red end must at the front of the tractor hitch

- Then you can pull up a bit and secure with the 9 key chain to transport the tractor

- Then at the back of use, press 9 to solve, and go back a little

- Tug to the park at the rear chain

- Then again, in the other tractor sat and press key 9

- Thus, both tugs connected


Known issues v3 Beta:

- Actually only the SP, it is not dissolved at any towed vehicle, the brake

- If the brake does not solve the MP, the solid briefly on the gas, then unlocked the brake

- The Box chain, it is possible to happen in transit at some mods accidents

- That is what you have


Is actually more of a Funmod, but makes a lot of fun in MP, then Happy testing times, who wants can sometimes upload their videos and pictures towing multiplayer session;)


Model: balogh2003

LS13 konvert, tuning, translate: Bullgore


  • 08 Dec 00:21
    Version 3 Beta




checksum: 77506dd8fe3bf02c02ce6f1502f346bb
Version: 3 Beta
multiplayer ready? no
Author: balogh2003,LS13 Bullgore
price in shop: 1000 LS
name in shop: Abschleppkette
description in shop: Funmod

08.12 2012
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V 3 Beta
Farming Simulator 2013
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