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Welcome to the aft diek
It is a fictitious 4 x card based on the Lower Saxony 22.
The map has 184 fields, several forests, 14 farms with a farmhouse and
2 farms without a farmhouse.
There are also a number of forest pitches for the tree pushers.
4 biogas plants.
128 high types
Multiterrain Angle
You start in the single player as a small contractor (you don't own any land) only farm and lots of machines.
On the map you have to economize !!
Everything on the map except productions is purchased through farmland.
Animals also have a use on the map, you can bring pretty much anything to the butcher shop.
If you want to manage productions, you should rent them, otherwise the building will be deleted from the map when you sell it.
Biogas plants must include one for bale missions !!!
All buildings that you want to demolish have a negative effect, it is displayed in single player and not in multiplayer, but
it is still deducted. This was done because we mappers don't want to bother creating the yards for nothing.
There are some silos that are marked with the NDS logo, you can drive in clover and alfalfa and make silage from them.
Unfortunately, this does not yet work with MAIZEPLUS.
However, you can use clover hay and alfalfa hay with Maizeplus.
You can play this card with and without MAIZEPLUS.
You need this ModPack. The rest of the mods are loaded from the Modhub when you start the game for the first time.
My colleague has of course already run in Autodrive, see AutoDrive
Please note the readme in the zip!
We assume no liability for mods that cause warnings and errors!
The team from NDS - MODDING and LS - SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN wishes you a lot of fun.
Please be factual in the comments!


NDS - Modding

LS - Schleswig Holstein

Danke noch an alle Modder deren Gebäude ich verbaut habe.

Danke an Farmer Marco ( FM Modding ) für den Stall .

  • 14 May 22:54


14.05 2023
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  1. F2L514-Arni 18. 05 2023

    Ähm, wie soll das gehen und wo finde ich "Bitte beachtet die Readme im Zip!" Ich habe keine entsprechende Datei gefunden....
    Die Datei bereitet mir Ladeprobleme und ich musste sie in einem eigenen Modsordner separieren. Dadurch muss ich mir viele Mods, wie auch z.B. AD neu suchen gehen.
    Alles weitere folgt....

  2. Bandes 15. 05 2023

    Wunderschöne Karte, danke dafür und mit guten AD Kursen :)