Arcusin RB Autostack

V 1.1 mod for Farming Simulator 2013

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Here we have the famous Pick-up cars from ls11 I now present to the coming clandestine veröfentlichen this. The clock modder is already working on this pack v2

I wish you much like spas.

He is so far error free (no log entries)


Constructive criticism is welcome, because you learn from it and improve the mod. However, please leave useless and senseless comments. Who does not like it, so it does not suck.


The mod can not be uploaded without my connivance new, not even in a modified form.
Please accept the work of the modders and uses the original download link!
Please accept the work of modders and uses the original download link!


AnimatedCylinders: fruktor (Modding-Society) (edit Milan1702976)
Autostack: ME (Milan1702976)
BaleLoader: Stefan Geiger (GIANTS) (edit Milan1702976)
beleuchtungV3: Sven777b
mooringblocks: Geri-G (edit fruktor)
PowerShaft: Manuel Leithner
LS13 Ready Blackdragon223


  • 18 Nov 14:22
    Version 1.1




checksum: 1d5ac8490a9eec733bc842eeb5ab132b
Version: 1.1
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Kyosho - Milan
price in shop: 44634 LS
name in shop: Arcusin RB Autostack S
description in shop: This automatic bale loader makes collecting bales on the field breeze.

Loading capacity: 8 round bales

18.11 2012
Modhoster user rating
3.96 / 23 Votes


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V 1.1
Farming Simulator 2013
2.91 MB 15257
18. 11 2012 15,257

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