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Here we make our Galgenberg courses available to you 4x!
These are our courses for the Galgenberg 4fold from Jogi

Hello folks,
I sat down again and filled a map with courses!
The Galgenberg 4x!
Welcome to Kirchen, a suburb of the large district town of Ehingen Donau, on the edge of the Swabian Alb.
The map is based on the landscape of the place, with an original replica of a main courtyard and the streets.

The following was brought in:
- all farms with farm silos, driving silos, stables and farm productions!
- all purchase points for various supplies!
- all sales points!
- all productions with raw material deliveries and product collections!
- all fields with approach points and snap lines!
- Field 121 has not yet been connected after the possible map update, only one line should be connected.
- Water points!
- Apple orchards and groves only have one access point! (some things should also be done manually)
- Forests and back roads are connected!

The dirt roads were taken as secondary routes, which could mean that some of the routes AD chooses take more time.
Bigger map = longer routes!
I would like to thank Welten for creating the route plan and connecting many fields!
A new member of the team also deserves special thanks for setting up the catch lines! Thanks Nightmare!
Have fun with the courses!
Your elMatador!
Support is provided exclusively via Discord! --->


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  1. Vielen lieben Dank für die tollen AD-Kurse. Es erspart mir eine Menge Arbeit ;o)