Bales or dung-pusher IAE X180

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IAE was established in 1969 by Frank Klucznik who came to England from his home in Poland as part of the armed forces during the Second World War, eventually settling in the farming town of Leek in North Staffordshire. Frank began his working life in Britain with a Leek based agricultural manufacturers known as Gush & Dent. It was here that Frank gained and developed his manufacturing skills that would see him manufacturing and delivering his own brand of farming equipment. His products were in such demand and of such good quality that people coming into the Leek area with no precise location details were repeatedly told on their enquiry "Oh yes, its that pole in Leek you want". This phrase was to stick with the company from then onwards still featuring prominently on the front of all IAE's trucks. 
Located at: Mossfield Road, Adderley Green, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 

The mod is functional in that the Blade can be rotated 180 degrees and uses the cultivator dust cloud to give an impression that it is working. 

This mod will not move any material and is for entertainment only. 

Should a material be moveable in the future, this mod will be updated. 

Has AO textures and is scaled from a sales brouchure image and youtube videos and is therefore an approximation of correct size.


Model, Textures, Ingame: milpol

This Mod is not to be uploaded to any other hosting service without permission of the author.

FS-UK is the only Authorised host for this mod.

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    Version 1


12.04 2013
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