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Hello dear Farming Simulator fans

With this new Modified Map Berghof_Felsbrunn_by_MC Multifruit (the textures for onion, carrots, hops and rye are created by myself) I would like to introduce you to another version. Since I have nothing else to do (fun) and because I enjoy it a lot
I also do not want to deprive you of this map. The map is very similar to the previous version of the map "FS19_Felsbrunn_Edit_By_MC".
However, much more things have changed than in the old version. Many things that I did not know when LS19 appeared were in the new version
"Berghof_Felsbrunn_by_MC" did not make at all. I am still not all-knowing in the construction of maps, however many errors did not arise at all.
With the new Map Berghof new challenges have arisen and the ambience was minimized to the essentials. I attach great importance to nature in the map
and also on the details as well, so only new things are delayed on the map. Furthermore, still lacks the long-awaited factory script what the
Do not allow productions of different factories. Enough written. See for yourself what the map "Berghof_Felsbrunn_by_MC" concerns.It may not be his taste.
Maybe there are some who like this version. That's why I attach importance to a feedback and evaluation of the Map.Wenn someone finds error that may give notice.
I wish you a lot of fun on the "Berghof_Felsbrunn_by_MC".

MC / Jürgen

The factories are only outlets because the scripts are still for the productions


Are there any problems with placing some mods then this could help.

The copying out of objects, buildings and other and installing in other maps is not allowed. Changes to the map "FS19_Felsbrunn_Edit_By_MC" and re-uploading is also prohibited. You can get a permit.

Credits : Motorboat with Sound and Beat by Mole 63, Vertex Kaufstalls Dezign, Hasco Stakehouse, San Andreas Cutter Shed, NewVehicleShop: Roof Signs: Kirtz Pierr, Shop Tag: Joerg_B, Deco: AllgäuerGarde, Claas_Evolution, speedy77,

If I have missed someone who may please contact me.


Idee / Konzept: 


  • 20 Jul 15:59
    Version 1.3 Multifruit

    1. Mohn und Erdbeeren eingebaut
    2. kleine korrekturen

  • 20 Jun 17:34
    Version 1.2 Multifruitupdate

    1. Farmsilo kapazität auf 500000 erhöht.

    2. Kapazitäten der Zugstationen/Speicher/Silos erhöht auf 500 000.

    3. Barriere Strassenübergang bei Getreidespeicher Ost wieder eingebaut nachdem Giants ( warum auch immer) dieses entfernt hatte. Auf der Originalen Felsbrunn fehlt sie noch immer.

    4. Durch den Patch entstandene Meldungen oder Warnungen wurden korrigiert.

  • 29 May 17:44
    Version 1.2 Multifruit

    1. Freifläche hinzugefügt

    2. Neue Fruchtsorten Weisskohl , Rotkohl und Salat hinzugefügt

    3. Deko eingebaut

    4. Clipdistancen Optimiert

  • 08 May 17:25
    Version 1.1Multifruit

    Neue Fruchtsorten Hirse Sorghum Dinkel und Triticale hinzugefügt . Freifläche beim Hof angelegt .Diverse kleinere Fehler behoben. Texturpfade Optimiert .

  • 28 Mar 19:40
    Version 1.0 Multifruit




28.03 2019
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V 1.3 Multifruit
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V 1.2 Multifruitupdate
Farming Simulator 19
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V 1.2 Multifruit
Farming Simulator 19
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