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I am offering my graphics mod here that makes the game look again, because Giants decided to uglify it´s wonderful Engine with bad shaders (in my opinion). The game is too pale and blue, this is being fixed by this modification. The colors radiate now and are significantly sharper.


  • the Mod is based on SweetFx with Reshade and is completed by some Scripts I have writen as well as specially tuned shaders I made

  • Antialising

  • blur and sharpen pixels

  • adjusted saturation and contrast

  • slight sepia touch for the right Summer-Harvest-Feeling ;)


  • dowload the file for your version (with or without steam) unzip it and easily run the .exe (I wanted to reduce your work!)

  • if you have problems (for example parts of the image do not move or black screen) please download, unzip and run change_shader.exe


  • Just press the scroll lock button ingame to enable or disable and you are good to go!

I am always happy if I hear positiv feedback and if you have any questions I will be at 
your disposal!

The distribution of this mod is allowed and encouraged, if you use the original 
download links. In case you violate these rules, for example by uploading on another
link without my permission there will be legal consequences !!!


FS 15 GRAPIC 2.0 by GermanWarrior using SweetFX 2.0 beta by and Reshade


  • 20 Jul 18:22
    Version 1.3 (ZIP)

    Zip-Dateien zur Selbstinstallation

  • 18 Jul 09:27
    Version 1.2

    Renderprobleme fixed
    Buffer reduziert um Framedrops zu vermeiden
    MP-Probleme fixed

  • 14 Jul 15:04
    Version 1.1 Hotfix




14.07 2016
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V 1.3 (ZIP)
Farming Simulator 15
1.3 MB 17916
20. 07 2016 17,916
V 1.2
Farming Simulator 15
1.3 MB 6270
18. 07 2016 6,270
V 1.1 Hotfix
Farming Simulator 15
1.3 MB 10235
14. 07 2016 10,235

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  1. trueblue1872 19. 08 2016

    i keep getting a lot of lag when I try to use it

  2. FarmerGiles 21. 07 2016

    I keep getting virus detected on this file, can anyone confirm they get same

    1 replies

  3. zu hause 3 17. 07 2016

    Habe alles schon 3x kommplett install.Zeigt mir immer an im Spiel oben links Visit for news, updades,shaders and discussion Loading effect no effect

  4. most sinister 16. 07 2016

    I can not tell if it is working or not.Does this mean that I'm color blind?

  5. simonkem 15. 07 2016

    Do i need to have it on high or very high graphic

  6. simonkem 14. 07 2016

    Hello, do i need to delete something like no gloss or hazed day light???

    1 replies

  7. Broetchen 14. 07 2016

    Macht bei mir leider Fehler. Hier ausschnitt aus der Log:

    driveControl standard camera reset DISABLED
    driveControl keep last Camera ENABLED
    GPS mod inserted into Drivable Specialization (should happen only once!)
    GPS mod inserted into Vehicle Camera (should happen only once!)
    Error: D3D9BaseTexture::init: Creation of texture with checked formats failed
    ..\..\..\src\base\3d\d3d9\D3D9BaseTexture.cpp(152)Error: Render device Error: Unknown.
    Error: Render device Error: Unknown.
    Error: Render device Error: Unknown.
    Error: Render device Error: Unknown.
    Error: Render device Error: Unknown.

    Der Fehler geht ab da weiter und wenn ich das Spiel starte, habe ich nach ein paar Sekunden 0 FPS. Das, was ich von den Texturen her sehen konnte, sah auf jeden fall sehr gut aus.

    2 replies