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Tada! There she is. Version 1.0.


Here you see a BGA for small businesses. The models are partly fictitious and partly inspired by images. The intent of this BGA is to use the silage surplus sense because the cows are not too hungry. The BGA is therefore intended to expand the yard. Therefore, no new clamp is. Thus the Kleene would have become too large. The models are all displaced individually (see pictures). Allowing anyone to order the BGA as he would like and possibly two or more fermenters installed. But do not forget to move the trigger with;-)


The technology:

The BGA must be inserted with the Giants Editor and will remain so in the near future. As long as the scripts are not published by Giants, can not be made functional objects placed.


A big thank you goes out to Stormi of Kund modding. He has revised all triggers and the Silomix equipped with a moving plane and the agitator. This has improved the quality of the mod significantly.


The approval for the name I got from Kund modding. Processing is allowed for personal use, not re upload. The mod may not be offered on other sites using the original links (but please include a brief PM to me which side).


The Last Word:

Who does not like the texture. Who the gas tank is too large. Or who thinks that the so yes work can not, which is to the keep. I have the BGA built primarily FOR ME and she wants YOU SHARE WITH only. I really like and thus the goal is reached. Nothing the comment you are allowed to be happy in spite of relevant criticism. Also your desires I do like me to heart. You should see a V2, so I'll try to include all the wishes. Ultimately, I hope you: ENJOY THE BGA :-)




Modell -Typho0n
Funktionen - Stormi, KundSModding


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    Version 1.0


18.03 2013
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 2013
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  1. Pye266 02. 07 2014

    Do i need a scrip for this to work.

  2. 04xb12s 02. 05 2014

    When I put this in my map it makes everything very bright in game play. I have the darker night mod as well and even at night this makes it like the sun is out even though the sky is dark. Is there anything I can change in the XML to fix this? Otherwise this is a great mod and it functions well. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1 replies

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