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Attached equipment for the extraction of woodchips on an industrial scale
Get dirty and clean

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Model: dimanix
Texture: dimanix
Idea / Concept: dimanix


  • 17 Dec 08:02
    Version 1.0


  • 800020
    by dimanix
    ago almost 3 years



17.12 2016
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 17
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17. 12 2016 41,488

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  1. Can we get this great mod into Giants mods bc i have it on pc but i would like it to also have it on xbox one. Can someonr or the creator get it in giant editor or just in de mods sector in the game?

  2. alf-uk 14. 05 2017

    Great mod ! Thank you very much for creating this very useful tool.
    I got 2 parts in my shop, 1 is the visible tool the other (ca 4000$) is a additional attachable blade; attach the blade 2nd - you see small red lables attached on the tool as difference.
    Turn on both ! if needed (switch tool selection and then turn on). It can cut and make wood chips of a whole tree in 2 sec, the stump grinding takes about 5 sec. About 1 out of 5 or 10 trees it won't cut, then I turn and drive from the other side to the same tree and it works. Stump grinding can be a bit tricky so I move little bit around ca 1m in front of stump.
    It's a great working tool and it is our choice how and when we use it. I have about 200 hour or more in FS and would not have liked to use it early on: the long experience of woodwork, cut + remove branches + load and transport treeparts - then make woodchips with lots of effort and remove the tree stumps with lots of driving around to find the correct spot is part of the fun of the game for me. But now I play a 4x map (Pleasant Valley V2) and my main goal is to explore the factories and wood chip making the "old" way would be very time consuming - so for me I found this tool just at the right time. Well done!

  3. Sarge 20. 12 2016

    Thanks I love this mod.

    I would like it to also be front loader capable if that could be done. Again though thanks for all the work done already.

  4. Alucaard 17. 12 2016

    Yess :) fastest way to clean trees around fields

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