California Central Valley

V 3 mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Hello FS Community


Official release.


Please read through before downloading.


When you want to play the V3 you have to start a new game.

Instalation Guid: Unzip everything in the .zip fiele und copy and replace it in your mod folder (make a backup from the old file)

When you start the map it lag for some second because the game have to load a lot  placeable object




Change log V.3:


new custum placeable livestocks and objects


The file size has been optimized


 Some bugs and warnings have been fixed



Change log V2.:


The performance has been improved


The file size has been optimized


Some bugs and warnings have been fixed


Attention: To play the map you need a powerful PC. Otherwise, the graphics setting must be screwed back.


On my system, the map runs between 50 to 60 fps.


Plans for the V3:


Further optimization of the file size


Individual detail improvements (flying objects removeing)


And integrate suggestions from the community


Map function:


Huge map with many fields


High level of detail


Fictional szenario of California




Milk, manure and slurry Loading stations


Cheat Point


Free space for landscaping yourr own farm 


Courseplay and helper friendly because many collisions are disabled


RPG options


The map cost me many hours of work, which I voluntarily sacrificed in my free time.


Have fun playing.


Modell: Danjelmc
Textur: Danjelmc
Script: Danjelmc
Idee / Konzept: Danjelmc
Tester: Danjelmc
Sonstige: Danjelmc


  • 13 Oct 18:11
    Version 3

    new livestock

  • 24 Sep 22:06
    Version 2

    performance update
    deleting errors

  • 22 Sep 00:42
    Version 1




22.09 2019
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  1. Uncle_Orion 15. 10 2019

    Great map altho the pda map is off , most spots on the pda are not even close to the place on the map. Hope this gets fixed. I love this map.