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V 8 (final 2.0) mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Hello everyone,


since there was no decent Case Steiger mod for the FS17, I decided to give it a go and edit the ingame GIANTs Quadtrac model.


You can choose between the Case Steiger (wheeled) and the Case Quadtrac.


The tractor has several engine options:

Case Steiger 370

Case Steiger 450

Case Steiger 470

Case Steiger 550

Case Steiger 580

Case Steiger 600

Case Steiger 620


The Quadtrac has the same engine options.


There are several wheel and two track options for the tractor. Wheel Options are:

  • Trelleborg: TM 900 Singles and Duals, TM 800 Duals, TM 900 710 Duals, TM 600 Triples and Duals
  • Firestone: TM 800 Duals, TM 600 Duals, TM 480 Triples and Duals (V7)


The tractor comes with selectable light bars.


The current version includes the following scripts:



-BeifahrerV3//Passenger Script







-Numberplates (can be hidden via ICControl, more EU-thing)

-Additional Firestone Tires (V7)


Have fun and enjoy.


Notice: If you want to turn the driver's seat, you have to deactivate the cabsuspension firt (default key is 6 on keyboard), because the script forces the seat into neutral position as soon as you move the tractor forward. With deactivated cabsuspension script, the seat is movable.


Modell: GIANTS; Rafazr
Textur: GIANTS; Rafazr
Script: GIANTS; me
Idee / Konzept: me


  • 19 Sep 22:05
    Version 8 (final 2.0)

    -GoodYear 1400 LSW Reifen hinzugefügt

  • 02 Aug 19:14
    Version 8 (final)

    Reifenspuren bei Doppel- und Dreifachbereichung hinzugefügt // Added Dual and Triple Wheel Tiretracks

  • 01 Aug 19:39
    Version 8

    Reifenspuren bei Doppel- und Dreifachbereichung hinzugefügt // Added Dual and Triple Wheel Tiretracks

  • 06 Jul 21:53
    Version 7

    -Firestone Räder von Custom Modding (Rafazr) hinzugefügt mit mehreren Bereifungsoptionen

  • 09 Jun 01:44
    Version 6

    -AdBlue hinzugefügt
    -OilChange hinzugefügt
    -Nummernschilder hinzugefügt (Können über IC ein- und ausgeblendet werden)
    -Kleine Fehlerkorrektur am Steiger 3D Modell

  • 22 May 21:03
    Version 5

    -DoorOpener Script hinzugefügt
    -IndoorSound Script hinzugefügt
    -Reifenabstände angepasst
    -Kettenlaufwerk angepasst

  • 19 May 15:03
    Version 4

    -Dynamic Hoses hinzugefügt.

  • 16 May 22:04
    Version 3

    Leider hatte ich in der V2 ein paar Änderungen vergessen. Das habe ich jetzt nachgeholt.

  • 16 May 21:37
    Version 2

    -ICControl hinzugefügt
    -SpeedJoystick hinzugefügt
    -Kabinenlicht hinzugefügt
    -Bedienterminals sind nun Emissive, d.h. sie leuchten auch im dunkeln
    -Kabinenfeder hinzugefügt

  • 01 May 15:27
    Version 1



01.05 2018
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  1. fuelboy13 11. 08 2018

    I like your website but I have a problem downloading the file and I don't know how to open some of the zip files once they are on my computer. I also don't know how to change some parts to English. I really like all the selections and pictures,i like that a lot on your website

  2. martyc 07. 07 2018

    Very good Steiger witth now a lot of options. Thanks very much ! Just if you can correct the tires print on ground which do not match the tires width : only large tire print on ground even with 600 or 480 :)

    1 replies

  3. unregistered user 10. 06 2018

    Nice mod except for engine settings and prices...

  4. taterdigger 27. 05 2018

    single tire tracks when using duals. I like the mod, but dislike the small inconsistencies. I don't know how to edit the dual tracks into the mod or I would just do it myself. Dynamic hoses would be a nice addition.

  5. martyc 17. 05 2018

    Thanks very much for that cool Steiger ! Would be so great to have dynamic hoses as a lot of implements do have that script now and add a better touch of realism. thanks again for your work.

    1 replies