Corn & Soybean Straw Bales

V mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Corn and Bean Fodder Textures
Square and Round Bales
Credits to original modder, 4MR Modding of Corn Stalk Round Bale. Rest was created by me. Please go give him a like.


derelky, Michigun Gaming & Outdoors, 4MR Modding


  • 31 Dec 22:37



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Author: derelky, Michigun Gaming and Outdoors, 4MR Modding
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31.12 2019
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Farming Simulator 19
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31. 12 2019 1,316

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  1. haamic 03. January

    Soweit ich testen konnte, scheint der mod zu funktionieren. Konnte bei einem Enteauftrag Sojabohnen, einen Schwad aufs Feld legen. Leiderwirkt sich der Mod negativ auf den Tier bestand aus. Wenn ich den mod in der Auswahl vor dem spielstart aktiviere, sind alle meine Tiere verschwunden, ohne den Mod sind alle da.
    As far as I could test, the mod seems to work. I was able to put a swath of soybeans in the field during a duck attack. Unfortunately, the mod had a negative effect on the animal. If I activate the mod in the selection before starting the game, all my animals are gone, without the mod all are there.

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