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A month without a new course play version? That can not be;)

Nerverending The story continues, the Course-play team is constantly working on enhancements and improvements and is now once again reached the level we would like to share with you. changes and new features:

since version 2.3 was amended in the following key:

  • support unloading and further revised TypAnywhere
  • autopilot 3 Support improves the Drescherabtanken (applies to new car pilot version that has not veröffenltich)
  • When a tug is waiting at the waiting point, this appears again, also holds the tractor in fertilizing mode to fill up again.
  • Amazone UX 5200 is fully supported in fertilizing mode again.Play
  • Course Menu you can now set on the last page if you want to open Course play with the right mouse button or pressing "Einügen". So you can now also use the course play with a lot of loader attachments.
  • field working mode is supported John Deere 864 press now, also all Claas Variant presses are supported.When saving courses can
  • you now press all the buttons without getting out of the vehicle and the like.

    for the next version is planned that the skier on the field no longer drive through the fruit, you should see the release of yet in this pure, but is unfortunately not yet been completed.


Lautschreier, Hummel, Bastian82, Wolverin, C.Schoch


  • 28 Aug 17:56
    Version 2.4



checksum: 8fa0630514a95d468f7a0c76f81ffbf7
Version: 2.4
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Author: Lautschreier/Wolverin0815/Hummel (
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28.08 2011
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V 2.4
Farming Simulator 2011
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  1. unregistered user 27. 02 2012

    wo muß man den Einfügen?

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  2. Marcel.H 09. 10 2011

    Super mod top :) ._Mfg:Marcel.H

  3. Rondo 28. 08 2011

    Ist das version 2.4?

  4. adcomp 28. 08 2011

    Someday I hope to get instructions in English to use the courseplay.

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