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The map is based on the village Molokovo located in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region. The village is named after the native citizen Vasily Molokov, famous arctic pilot, participant of air expiditions to the North pole who rescued Cheluskin ship north expedition.

A map with small fields for a calm single game ... no production, no dirt and other scripts. All in default.

Map adaptive to Season Mod and Chopped Straw.





Autor: KonstantinVU (

Test: Brigada DVAZ

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  • 05 Dec 12:31



checksum: 618217a4ac7c46b0438808a81d2dac67
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: KonstantinVU (otrip_ru)
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Dorf Molokovo
description in shop: Die Karte basiert auf dem Dorf Molokovo in der Region Moskau, Bezirk Leninsky. Das Dorf ist nach dem einheimischen Staatsbürger Vasily Molokov benannt, dem berühmten arktischen Piloten, der an den Nordpol teilgenommen hat, der die Nord-Expedition des Cheluskin-Schiffes gerettet hat.

05.12 2017
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  1. Beautiful map, with a single player in mind...really nice lay out awesome scenery. The only thing letting the map down " slightly" is the seasons change, I hope you have enough thumbs up to really make this seasons ready, as in proper tree textures and hedge change. Winters are harsh in Russia !!!
    Still you get 5* from me..for a wonderful thought out map...Kudos

  2. spetersen 09. December

    This map has hands down some of the most beautiful scenary I've ever seen for any FS map.
    Really nice job!

    I was wondering if are gonna add replacement textures for the seasons mod any time soon? Especially in the winter all the green foliage looks odd.

    Once again. Very nice work!

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