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Only a few examples of the Eicher EA 800 Wotan were built in 1967/68, but some are still preserved to this day. The EA 800 was the prototype of the Eicher Wotan, but in contrast to the Wotan series model, it still had the round hood.

How this mod came about:

Towards the end of the LS17 I got my hands on a new Eicher EA 600 from Puma. My idea was to convert it to the larger EA 800. After countless trash bin designs and the active support of Wolfgang, Peter, Harry and Dani, this vehicle gradually emerged. In order to achieve the conversion with a high level of detail, we have partly taken over parts from other tractors, so the EA 800 does not match the original in all parts. As a versatile tractor was important to me personally, I installed a front hydraulic system, a front loader console, 2WD and a wide range of connection options at the rear, which is optionally available for purchase.

Configuration options:
    Front weights, front loaders or front hydraulics
    4WD or 2 WD
    Various tire configs
    Without hood, with hood or with crash bar
    Motor versions from 80 to 120 HP
    4 different exhaust variants
    4 sound variants
    Optional stickers and moldings
    None, one or two passenger seats

Your FBM classic car team wishes you a lot of fun with the Eicher

! -> ATTENTION <-!
NO brochure realism!


Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Modder LS19: [FBM] Oldenfarm, [FBM] PeterAH, [FBM] WolfIQ, [FBM] Dani-86,[FBM] Polofreak211
Credits: [FBM] puma , [FBM] Bremi456, Ifko[nator], Kreters-Island
Tester: FBM Team, Eicherisgeil


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02.02 2020
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  1. Xonda 26. 09 2020

    Erstmals vielen Dank an die Modder für den tollen Mod.
    Kann mir bitte jemand Sagen um welche Karte es sich im Hintergrund handelt, diese scheint gut zu diesem Mod zu passen?
    Vielen Dank

  2. Dieser Eicher ist super , den hab ich grade in Ls 19 vor dem Einstreuer .
    ein Modvorschlag
    ( ein Eicher 3145 Turbo mit Fronthydralik , configurations Möklichkeiten für Ls 19 wäre noch super , der soll genau so super werden wie der Eicher EA 800 Wotan ..