Vehicle and Equipment Insurance

V 4.1.7 mod for Farming Simulator 2013

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Vehicle and Equipment Insurance | Vehicle and Machine Insurance
Version 4.1.7 | 02.02.2014
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This mod will be automatically installed in all vehicles and equipment.

This mod with any of the Hagenstedt Modified 2013 use , there
he is already integrated !

To provide a little more reality ( and to finally get a little money to get rid of ) , there is now the necessary insurance for every vehicle and equipment on your farm.
The insurance of a device is due every 2 days , starting from the date on which the equipment was purchased.
The insurance depends on the value of the device , of course , the current state of the device has no effect on the sum insured.

================================================== =========
Use of the mods in the game
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Insurance overview can about the F11 key (default assignment can be changed in the game options ) are displayed , in addition you have to sit in a vehicle. The mouse is displayed with active insurance overview , this is necessary because too many devices one leaves may be necessary.

================================================== =========
Features at a glance
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Sum insured of a device from its value depends
every 48 hours is the sum insured is payable
via hotkey expandable insurance overview for all vehicles (default F11)
Insurance data of a vehicle are stored in the savegame
Contribution amount is also dependent on the selected difficulty level




  • 02 Feb 16:32
    Version 4.1.7



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Version: 4.1.7
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Author: Blacky_BPG
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02.02 2014
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V 4.1.7
Farming Simulator 2013
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