Farming Simulator 2017 Savegame Editor

V 2.0.0 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Farming Simulator 2017




With this external program, game scales are changed in the Farm Simulator 2017!


The following values ??can be changed:


# 1 Money, credit,

# 2 Wheat, barley, rape, corn, soybeans, sunflowers

# 3 Chicken stock (male / female), eggs
# 4 Sheep stock (male / female), water, hay, grass
# 5 Cow stock (male / female), water, hay (field / cowshed), grass (field / cow shed), power feed (field / cow shed), silage (field / cow shed), straw, milk
# 6 pig stock (male / female), water, sugar beet,

Potato, straw, wheat, barley, soybeans, rape, sunflower, maize

# 7 liquide manure (cows), liquid manure (pigs), digestate (BGA)

# 8 Wash all vehicles!

And the program also provides some info ...

# manure , Savegamename, Playername, Memory date, Map (Map)


Instructions for SavegameEditor:


1) Unzip the file with the right mouse button


2) Start "Farming Simulator 17 SavegameEditor.exe"


3) Left on top of "Load Score ... (English) or Load Savegamefolder .. (English)"

Can be changed under Settings!


4) Select the desired savegame in "... \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2017"


5) Change values ??according to your mood (Please note blue "infobuttons" in the program !!)


6) Bottom Right "Save game data!


7) Start game and look forward to new wealth !!!

Can / should you change pigmist or cowgirl!
Answer: No, because of serious texture problems!

Why can not Silage / Chaff Silo (BGA) and Silage / Chaff Silo (cows) change?
Answer: Same problem as with crap. The textures are not loaded correctly or not at all!


When I start the Savegam Editor comes from my security software or from the Smartscreen filter the message "From Windows Smartscreen was the start of an unknown app prevented!" or something like that?
Answer: This message is a Flaschmeldung and can be ignored. The message comes because the program has no certificate!

What does the addition "field" or "cow shed" mean for the cows?

Answer: The addition "field" or "cow shed" stands for the designation of feed troughs!


Programmierer: Underworld
Textur / Bildbearbeitung: Underworld
Idee / Konzept: Underworld


  • 14 Nov 23:43
    Version 2.0.0

    Diverse Neuerungen und Funktionen hinzugefügt.
    Für genaue Beschreibung siehe Modbeschreibung!


    # Schafsbestand(männlich/weiblich),

    # Kuhbestand(männlich/weiblich),
    Wasser,Heu(Feld/Kuhstall),Gras(Feld / Kuhstall),
    Kraftfutter(Feld / Kuhstall),Silage(Feld / Kuhstall),Stroh,Milch

    # Schweinebestand(männlich/weiblich),

    # Gärreste (BGA)

    # Alle Fahrzeuge waschen!

  • 09 Nov 23:07
    Version 1.0.0.




09.11 2016
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  1. Lelex 89 15. 11 2016

    Underworld good evening, my name is Lelex 89, I wanted to present his hack / program save game editor and I was wondering if maybe there was a chance of a V3 or V2 this is the definitive version ?? thanks in advance

  2. boloss 10. 11 2016

    Hi, how can in add solid manure directly in savegame file please ?

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