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Heres a map with basic functions and added choppedstraw.

-Small buyable fields,wich most you can join together

-Cowfarm,pigfarm with chickens and small sheepyard

-No sawmill but there is place to sell logs and woodchips

-you need the choppedstraw-mod to make it work in the map

Happy farming


Model: See credits text-file with in the mapfile
Idea / Concept: vilhau


  • 03 Jul 15:42
    Version 3.0

    This version is to use with Seasons mod

  • 19 Apr 20:12
    Version 2.0

    Map is now full size,added more sellpoints,one farm more,many more fields,edited here and there

  • 07 Mar 13:05
    Version 1




checksum: 776418a1e0d3aa77068dbcc36a2763f8
Version: 3.0
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: vilhau
price in shop: LS
name in shop: FarmTown
description in shop: FarmTown

06.03 2017
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4.61 / 92 Votes


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V 3.0
Farming Simulator 17
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03. 07 2017 6,123
V 2.0
Farming Simulator 17
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19. 04 2017 4,978
V 1
Farming Simulator 17
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49 Comments for FarmTown

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  1. Longman 15. 11 2017

    I'm from UK. Have plenty of time to play FS17 maps due to our government ruining the self-employed. Ive had hours to play different maps and I believe some authors are pushing themselves too hard too fast! I hate putting too much time into maps that later I find lots of things not working. I like FS17 Stevie maps for quality, FS17 Countyline is a good USA map too, but additional crops don't work with seasons mod 1.2 but game still very playable. Farmtown v3 is excellent quality everything works so far, can't find any bugs or things not working. This could be used for any country map with.. American map or German as the aesthetics are not too much of either country but large fields too. Definitely in my Top 10 for FS 17, seasons mod 1.2 & chopped straw working fine, plenty of room for placeables and grain silos do show all storage placeables amount in farm silo above sales price list. Want a good challenge in single player...get this one!!! Played 300hrs so far! Great work!!!

  2. cl770 12. 07 2017

    Hi again, the map is very cool but I can't reap anything!
    Can u help me?

    1 replies

  3. cl770 04. 07 2017

    Hello, I have a problem. I installed the map and started the FS17. I wanted to play it doesn't start.
    Can u help me?

    2 replies

  4. kaiedmek 04. 07 2017

    Halo the game wont start, getting this error
    Error: Running LUA method 'loadMapFinished'.
    D:/My Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17Contest_Seasons/src/environment/ssDaylight.lua:229: attempt to index local 'data' (a nil value)

    any suggestions?

    3 replies

  5. kristine1 06. 05 2017

    Great map, but where do you unload cows, driven every where and can't find the trigger, help please

    1 replies

  6. kaiedmek 29. 04 2017

    5 stars map,recommended.. but how i can clean the cows area?

    1 replies

  7. dodo86 22. 04 2017

    I added the Maruh script for manure in the cow stable so you have to muck out the cowshed. (no not a big pile of manure) If you want I can send you my version for a future release ?

    Love this map very much, one of the best out there.

    1 replies

  8. Awesome Map thank you

  9. Hennetdi 20. 04 2017

    One of the best Maps for LS17. Thanks for the work.

  10. kenna72 12. 04 2017

    beautiful map ! any plan for a update! i'll think the farm gras silo is way to big and a fuew fields are some defuse for ai. have done about 100 hours on you map. love it!

    1 replies

  11. Where do I find on the map water for the animals?

    1 replies

  12. fredl1 08. 03 2017

    The map is very beautiful probably the most beautiful on the ls 17 only courts are not for me because with small to medium machine games can make irgentwo to small court with older and lower buildings because hall are 10 times as high as ah tractor are?

    1 replies

  13. THFalcon 08. 03 2017

    Wow, a really great Map with beutiful Landscape.
    Thank you for sharing and a Modhoster-DirectLink

  14. L3oN963 08. 03 2017

    Hi vilhau
    i really like your beautiful Map. Thanks for this.
    But for me the fields are unfortunately too small :(

  15. Darthbot 08. 03 2017

    Really a great Map. The Landscape is amazing. Thank you for this beautiful Map.

  16. Fruzz 08. 03 2017

    WOW great job, the map is beautiful .Thank you for sharing.

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