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Welcome to "My home"


My home is a small town in beautiful Schleswig-Holstein.

Here I grew up and so I wanted to build my home just once.

It is not replicated 1 to 1, but the majority agrees.

At the Kuhhof I spent part of my life and learned a lot about agriculture.


But now to the map:

There are 49 fields from big to small on the map - of which you have 3 fields from the beginning.

These are Field 1, Field 9 and Field 19, the rest are purchasable and you can also perform missions on them.

There are also 11 small and large meadows - of which you have 3 meadows - the 54, the 58 and 60 of the rest is again purchasable.

Oats , rye , spelled , millet and mixed cereals are still added to the standard fruits.


The map is suitable for Season-Mod!


Also installed are:

- Main courtyard

- pig farm

- sheep farm

- Horse farm

- Sawmill

- Compostmaster

- slurry storage

- Cattle dealer

- Agricultural machinery dealer

- Diesel refinery

- BioGas plant

- Garden center

- Raiffeisen (seed / fertilizer purchase)

- Lime works

- Dairy (production: butter, yogurt, cheese or just milk selling)

- butcher (making: meat / sausage)

- EDEKA (sale meat, sausage, butter, cheese, yogurt)

- Cartonboard

- Pallet plant

- 3 greenhouses

- and much more.....


You got curious?

Then I wish you much fun exploring the map!




Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Mapper: Jogi (FBM)

Weitere Credits:
Puma FBM (Umbau Gebäude)
Team FBM (Test)
Averya u. Team (Test/Servertest)
Dank geht an: Fendtfan79 und Tobi1986
Weiterer Dank geht an alle Modder und Scripter deren Arbeiten ich verwendet habe.


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Author: Traurigernarr_Jogi
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name in shop: FBM_17_Meine_Heimat
description in shop: Willkommen bei FBM_17_Meine_Heimat.

17.11 2018
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