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Hello this the 1000 Vario séries (1038,1042,1046,1050) and Fendt weight 3300kg weight wheel rear, twin wheel front rear, twin wheel rear, reverse driving and more 3d and texture are news for FS17. by Steph33


Modell: Steph33
Idee / Konzept: 


  • 02 Mar 22:07
    Version 1.5

    Hello this the Fendt 1000 Vario series(1038,1042,1046,1050)with IC,andt Fendt weight 3300kg.
    I think you know my mod now,i don't write all the specialisation,i write only what is changed in this version V1.5
    New part(3d)
    Add 4 gauges(animated)
    New daschboard(3d,textures)
    Rework indoorcab
    Add 3 color
    rework grill and some parts........
    This tractor is full animated,all wheels,back loader,wippers and more......
    Version V1.5
    Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33

  • 17 Feb 22:26
    Version 1.4

    Built new cover (3d)
    Built new mirror(3d)
    add design configuration(Black beauty,Green beauty,Chrome parts)
    add wheel broad(Trelleborg TM1000)
    add anim(mirror,gps,indoor camera,screen variotronic changed with tools and trailer)
    anim stick brake park
    Rebuilt some parts (3d)
    Changed all motor configuration
    Now daschboard and gps on/off with motor
    Add led blinker when trailer attached
    Courseplay supported(tested by me)
    This tractor is full wippers,back loader,differents wheel and more configuration,specialisation
    Version V1.4 patch 1.4

  • 30 Nov 16:20
    Version 1.3

    Joystick anim
    Daschboard light full
    Reverse driving
    Back loader
    Attacher front
    and more specialisation.......




12.11 2016
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V 1.5
Farming Simulator 17
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02. 03 2017 39,567
V 1.4
Farming Simulator 17
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17. 02 2017 9,313
V 1.3
Farming Simulator 17
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36 Comments for FENDT VARIO 1000

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  1. Prax 01. 11 2017

    Amazing! Great job on this. By far the best Fendt 1000 out there! Amazing amount of detail in this fantastic mod. 1050 engine power output is a *little* underrated to say the least hehe

    So far, the only implement i've noticed an issue with is the Bredal F2WS 4000 solid fertilizer spreader (the small one). There's a small amount of clipping when lowered. Also, the tractor holds it a little uneven, its tilted toward the tractor. This is fantastic that this is the smallest issue ive seen. GREAT JOB! :D

  2. Hi I have a question, how do I extend the width markers on the backside?
    I can't seem to be able to find out how I extend them. Thanks fot replying

  3. matej2o 18. 06 2017

    can you make a connection for dynamic hoses?

  4. Hans J DK 28. 04 2017

    Thanks for a very well done mod.... I really love this mod. It works great, very detailed, and runs very smooth. VERY nice work... THANKS !!

  5. bruder 05. 03 2017

    Hej Steph33 very nice traktor,i love it,but pleace can you give it in the old Fendt green.

  6. Sparefroh 23. 02 2017

    A very nice mod and it makes me happy every time I´m driving it. I hope there are coming more such exciting mods in future from you.
    Thank you for that

  7. Lifeliner69 19. 02 2017

    Supermod VERY enjoyable! the best for me. However some scales are not correct. The rear tires are the same size as the stock 939 that should be fixed. I did try to fix it a little but then the inside camera view screwed up. Then tirewidth is to narrow for this beast. Rea look like a 710 and in front looks like a 650. Rear should be 900 and front 800 or at least 710. I tryed to fix that but then the camera screwed up again. Again i enjoy and use your mod more then any other mod but i hope i may be a little critical. Not to critesize you but just to let you know the issues that i see. The front suspencion i chanced the spring from 80 to 50 and the damper from 50 to 30. The front suspension is to narrow. That results in the rims are to far away from the axle and weird stearing. If you pull a heavy load as 250 tons, The rear wheels are unstable and at high speed over 60 km/h the wheels start to wiggle. But this is all peanuts. I REALY enjoy your mod and admire and respect all the work you did. Tank you!!

  8. TheMarcel 18. 02 2017

    Thank you very much for this beautiful mod

  9. mackintosh 18. 02 2017

    The model is nice enough, but the shine, especially on chrome parts, is grossly overdone. I'm pretty sure the real thing isn't this shiny, especially after it's run for a while. Same on the inside, where it's supposed to be mostly matte plastic. Tone the shine down, as well as the unrealistic specs and you'll have a real winner on your hands.

  10. LS09God 04. 12 2016

    Best mod ever, but....
    After recalculating the torquescale in the xml file, i've come to the conclusion that the tractor has more hp then advertised.
    The 1050 has an incredible 928.99 hp, that's not realistic in my opinion. The xml file should have 2.2 torquescale instead.
    500*0.0044=2.2 instead of 928*0.0044=4.08.
    But it's a cool mod, working well. Thanks....

  11. Faelandaea 01. 12 2016

    Absolutely wonderful update. And I love the Challenger version as well (which actually does have physical modeling for the US version of the Fendt) :)

  12. peterhaex 22. 11 2016

    Can you please check Head tracking. it's not working correclty.
    when using head tracking with this tractor, it's a 180° reversed view.
    Also look at the review of Karvon of the Fendt 1050, as he shows this issue.

  13. Echelon2k 19. 11 2016

    This Tractor completely DESTROYS it's competetors. We did a pulling test with a filled 100.000 Liters Kotte Universal Storage Tank and not only did this beast manage to move it. It did manage to go 50kph uphill while doing so. Every standard Tractor apart from a few of the "Supertractors" were not even able to move it when filled.

    So not only is this the cheapest of the "Supertractors". It's also the fastest, strongest (despite having the least bhp) and best looking.

    Might not be realistic but its great fun.

  14. meltafire 13. 11 2016

    1. Too shiny.

    2. Wrong weight at BGA scales.
    For example take vanilla ingame New Holland T8.300 . BGA weight near 10 000 (IRL 11 000 kg).
    And now this mod FENDT 1000. BGA weight over 23000 (IRL
    Fendt 1038 Vario 14 000 kg).

    3. Too slow with tools.
    Uphill pull. Ingame cultivator 205 hp req.
    Ingame New Holland T8.300. Standart tires. 381 hp. 15-16 km/h
    This mod vario 1030. Standart tires. 380 hp. 9 - 10 km/h

    4. no dirt

    Fendt from this mod at version 1.1 not playable.

  15. SeniLiX 13. 11 2016

    Works great overall, but has a couple of minor issues.

    Maybe it's just me, but after driving around for a bit, it didn't seem to get dirty. No washable feature?

    IMO it's overall way too shiny. Remember it's a tractor for working at a farm. Not for exhibitions or display at a dealer. Perhaps make it optional somehow?

  16. Higgings 12. 11 2016

    Wrong colures and to shinny.
    Need finish and better sound. :-)

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