Map with stones

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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because the standard maps in the LS-15, unfortunately, no

stones are more, have

I once sat down and ran it back i

brought into the 15s.

Besides, I have installed other useful things.


This map is equipped with the following features:


  • ChoppedStraw
  • Manure, liquidmanure, Kalkmod
  • Stones
  • Bushes
  • Short Grass
  • multiple terrain angle
  • trainWithSplines


If there any problems during convert your map

these are, I am willing to help.

If help is needed, present your question here:


Dequotas or via e-mail



Zusammenführen aller Sachen: Silv3r

Schienen/Zug: wohlstandskind/Youfarm-map
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Gülle-,Mist-,Kalkmod: Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan


  • 16 Jan 22:23
    Version 1.0


  • 660213
    by R3vlis
    ago almost 5 years
  • 660212
    by R3vlis
    ago almost 5 years


checksum: faf6b753c7da434d9bda8845aafb2f93
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Silv3r
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Map mit Steinen
description in shop: Dies ist die Beispiel Map mit Steinen.

16.01 2015
Modhoster user rating
4.09 / 11 Votes


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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 15
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16. 01 2015 1,867

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  1. When loading the saved game I am getting a load train (Zug) engine noise. Then the game loads normally. Can this be corrected?

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