Ford 8630 2wd mod for Farming Simulator 2013
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Ford 8630 2wd v 4

When farmers make equipment for farmers, you get innovations did Are not found in an engineering textbook. Case in point: the new Ford 8630th These tractors defy the status quo in more ways. You get more power with less noise and fuel, higher speeds with better maneuverability, Increased technology with simple operation. In short, you'll never have to compromise When you own a Ford 8630 tractor.

Model by Hurley
Scripted by Bennythen00b
Sounds by EddieVegas

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checksum: 984cfa9ff69bf2ce441d91b26bd1beb0
Version: 4
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Hurley
price in shop: 18300 LS
name in shop:
description in shop:

Model by Hurley Scripted by Bennythen00b Sounds by EddieVegas
  • motorized
  • steerable
  • cylindered
  • hirable
  • aiTractor
  • honk

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10 Comments for Ford 8630 2wd

  1. weber49 17. 10 2014

    would it be possible to make one with ford 8700 decals and strait pipe ?

  2. Findus0019
    Findus0019 09. 05 2014

    This one is really awesome and good.

    Get it!

  3. Captainfuture1978-1979

    on the right hand side inside the cabin you when you look down, you can look outside, because there is a hole in the fender ... and the textures inside the cabin could be sharper ...

  4. bennythen00b 04. 06 2013

    Oops, that's my bad for not checking the log skoomalegend. Will fix if I make a new version some time.

  5. Ford-fan
    Ford Fan 04. 06 2013

    I'm a Ford Tractor Fan.I have downlosded the Mod.I Love this Mod.please make more Ford Mods

  6. Skoomalegend
    skoomalegend 04. 06 2013

    has some raw texture errors but otherwise nice ford